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Camera & Vision Camera & Vision

Camera & Vision

Dual-Sensor Integration & ISP Image Tuning

Video Analytics & AI/ML Expertise

Voice Integration (Alexa/GA)

Advanced Video Testing Lab (In-house)


With the rapid increase in the demand for security and surveillance, the camera and vision industry is becoming more complex and creating challenges for the evolving business needs. In this dynamic IT environment, VVDN delivers increasingly sophisticated and secured camera solutions. Camera & Vision is one of the prominent as well as a highly strategic segment of VVDN with extensive image and video capabilities. Our high potential and rich capabilities in product engineering, AI/ML algorithm development on the edge, video/cloud analytics, dual-sensor integration, image tuning, video stitching, and manufacturing enable us to provide end to end smart camera solutions for the highly challenging ecosystem.

Our Expertise

Lower cost to design | Scalable production facility | Faster time to market

Hardware Expertise


  • Sensor Interface
  • Camera Interface
  • Dual Sensor Integration
  • Lens Selection, and Optimization
  • Low Light and Night Vision
Sensors Expertise


  • Single or Multi-Camera Sensor
  • CMOS and CCD Camera Integration
  • Dual/Multi-Sensor Integration
Software Expertise


  • Sensor Driver Development
  • Single/Multi-Sensor Video Pipeline
  • AI/ML on the Edge
  • Voice Integration (Alexa/Google Assistant)
Video Cloud Expertise

Video Cloud

  • Audio/Video Streaming
  • Video Cloud/Analytics
  • Secured Connectivity
  • Mobile Application Development
Testing & Certification

Testing &

  • Video Quality Testing
  • ONVIF Based NVR Compatibility
  • Product Stability & Performance Testing
  • FCC, CE & UL Certifications
Manufacturing & Mechanical/Design


  • Industrial Design
  • Detailed Design & 3D Modeling
  • Tooling
  • Molding & Mold Making
  • Mass Production

Key Solutions

Being a pioneer in the embedded and manufacturing industry, our extensive experience and knowledge in the field of different camera platforms and the ability to provide ODM services, put us in a unique position with our customers. We facilitate our customers with a wide range of camera solutions in various segments like surveillance & security, IoT, AI/ML based smart cameras, automotive, video analytics, video management systems.

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance Cameras

For this transforming world where surveillance and security threats have been increasing and becoming a major concern, VVDN has rich designing and developing capabilities for indoor/outdoor surveillance camera solutions based on latest technology platforms like Qualcomm, TI, Ambarella, Mediatek, Ingenic, Nvidia, Renesas, Intel, NXP etc.

IP Surveillance Cameras, DVR/NVR, Underwater Cameras, Thermal Cameras

IoT Cameras

IoT Cameras

In this era where IoT is promising to connect everything and putting intelligence into the smart things, VVDN has extensive expertise for designing and developing camera solutions for smart homes, video conferencing, commercials, residentials etc.

Battery Enabled Wi-Fi Cameras, Wireless Cameras, Wi-Fi Video Doorbells, LTE Based Cameras, Voice Assistant-Enabled Smart Cameras

AI based Smart Cameras

AI based Smart Cameras

Having processor and frameworks expertise based on Nvidia, Intel, TI, FPGA, VVDN provides real-time edge AI capabilities with various AI algorithms such as image and speech recognition, voice capture, human pose analysis, gesture recognition, object detection, object tracking, face detection, & feature matching.

AI Enabled Conference Room Cameras, Thermal Cameras with Video Analytics, Cameras for Traffic Management with Video Analytics

Digital Cameras, Media and Entertainment

Digital, Media and Entertainment Cameras

VVDN has abundant expertise for high-end camera solutions with diversified applications like dual-sensor integration for media and entertainment & 4K security camera systems. The digital camera system is a major breakthrough in the world of video surveillance systems and is committed to providing maximum clarity.

4K Based Cameras, Police Wearable Cameras, Sports Cameras, Cameras for Stadium

Automotive Cameras

Automotive Cameras

For demanding automotive applications, VVDN is leading the camera and vision industry by providing cutting-edge innovations. VVDN is one of India’s premium ODM and our vast expertise in sensor integration, panoramic video stitching, ISP image tuning, video analytics, and multi-sensor integration enables us to provide a wide array of advanced camera solutions in the automotive space for the unavoidable optical characteristics & driver assistance.

Fleet Management System, ADAS Reference Platform, Car Dashcam, Car DVR, Smart Helmets

Video Management System (VMS)

Video Management System (VMS)

VVDN develops a video management system which is a platform to support our customers with new security solutions that provides seamless management of digital video, audio and data across any IP network.

On Premise-VMS:Recording server lies on premises to stores the videos locally and the recorded videos can be archived to a NAS Server.

Cloud VMS:In this VMS, cameras stream videos to streaming/media server as per camera configurations via Internet and client app fetch stream from the server URL to show live view on selected camera.

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