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VVDN comes with a strong legacy of 13+ years in FPGA space, and carries rich experience in providing turnkey FPGA Design Services using FPGAs from top chip manufacturers around the globe.

VVDN's expertise include designing, building, and deploying customized FPGA based solutions, integrating both custom FPGA firmware, and hardware engineering. Our FPGA design services provide complete turnkey development experience, High Speed Bus Interfaces, Video Processing, Data Acquisition, Network Processing, Machine Learning, and other complex designs leading to high density, and high performance FPGAs. With hands-on experience in domain knowledge, latest technologies, verification languages, and design methodologies, our engineers can work on proof of concept (POC) in FPGA, and validate on the target platform.

VVDN has developed several reusable soft IPs, which can be licensed to meet the faster time to market requirements.

Reusable FPGA Soft IPs across various applications

At VVDN we have developed, and tested reusable FPGA IP Cores for the bus, controller, and video interfaces. We are uniquely positioned to successfully design, implement, and deliver customized solutions built around these IP cores.

Key Capabilities

FPGA Design

FPGA Design

Complete FPGA based product development involving architecture Design, RTL Coding, verification, board validation, and system Installation, and Custom IP Development.

RTL Coding &

RTL Coding Verification

Bases on Verilog, and VHDL platforms with robust set of Coding guidelines.



Work on Proof-of-Concept for the latest emerging technologies such as data center application, IPSec, Video Transcoding, Machine Learning etc.

Emulators &
FPGA Prototyping

Emulators & FPGA Prototyping

Rapid FPGA prototyping, and emulating complex designs using industry standard platforms. Worked on vehicle sensor emulator as support for video interfaces such as MIPI, and YUV format, etc.

FPGA Design Services

Networking & Datacenter Application


  • Crypto Acceleration
  • OVS Offloading
  • SSL Acceleration

Packet Processing

  • OVS
  • 10G/25G
  • 40G/50G
  • 100G


  • L1 Processing
  • Fronthaul and Backhaul Interface Design


  • MIPI
  • HDMI(Tx/Rx)
  • Camera Link
  • LVDS


  • Color space conversion
  • Digital Filter
  • Edge Detection
  • Overlay/Blending

Deep Learning

  • CNN (Classification)


NAND Flash Controller

Control Loop

  • PID Loop Control


  • Motor Control


  • SPI
  • I2C
  • PCIe

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