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Evolution in the Digitization and Modernized era leads to dynamic change in the technology at every pace and cloud services are the foundation for this digital transforming world. To compete with this dynamic and changing world, cloud services enables us with business agility and allows businesses to continually adapt to the changing technology and business needs with faster time to market.

VVDN helps clients to optimize their cloud journey and drive their business growth by delivering broad spectrum of innovative cloud capabilities and extensive application services with continuous digital transformation.

VVDN empowers organizations to enable their digital transformation journey by deploying cloud to meet their business objective with scalability, flexibility and security. Our experts employ a tailored cloud strategy by considering all possible deployment models with higher agility and lower IT cost. We bring together Cloud development, Cloud Infrastructure services, Cloud Operation services and Application services to leverage full potential of cloud by deploying emerging technologies and investing in reusable cloud frameworks.


Cloud Enabled Domain Expertise

Internet of Things (IoT)

VVDN’s expertise design and develop highly scalable, efficient and intelligent IOT cloud for various customers and enabling the IoT devices including trackers, sensors, consumer appliances, building management system and many more.

Camera & Surveillance

Benefit from VVDN’s expertise in designing and developing cloud that helps meeting the evolving business needs for security and surveillance by enabling different cameras including smart IoT cameras, surveillance cameras, action cameras and many more.

Networking & Wi-Fi

VVDN integrates networking and wi-fi solutions including access points, switches and routers by designing and developing cloud. Our next-gen cloud services help customers enable the network devices with agility, reliability, scalability and secure connectivity.


Implementing the innovative cloud solutions with the integration of AI/ML algorithms in the automotive space, VVDN’s cloud development solutions ensure high quality, high performance and better in-vehicle connectivity for the dynamic automotive ecosystem.

Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Application development requires high skill sets, knowledge and expertise to ensure smooth development of the application. VVDN’s Enterprise Application services can help customers transform their business, achieve more productivity and run the operations efficiently and effectively.

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