VVDN leverages its vast expertise in the field of RF (Radiofrequency) engineering. The RF engineering team at VVDN has extensive years of experience in this domain and is well specialized in transmission systems, PCB design and Layout, RF tuning & calibration, RF circuit evaluation, embedded design, customization & placement of antennas in the devices for optimum performance. VVDN follows all communication and regulatory standards for RF such as IEEE and 3GPP for Safety as well as making sure radio waves are not interfering with each other in the air space. VVDN has successfully developed and manufactured products ranging from low powered trackers, smart watches to outdoor access points and massive MIMO’s in the 5G field where RF plays a significant role. RF tuning, calibration and pre-certification product testing are all done in VVDN’s dedicated RF testing labs equipped with the latest equipment.

VVDN’s RF Key Capabilities

Antennae Design

  • Expertise in designing custom antennas.
  • Modeling and characterizing the antenna
  • Antenna matching expertise

RF Circuit Design

  • Expertise in design validating LNA and PA
  • Modeling and simulating of the RF chain
  • Algorithm expertise on DPD, CFR, etc.

RF Testing and Validation

  • Board bring-up
  • RF calibration
  • RF confirmation test

RF Mechanical Design

  • ID design of product enclosure
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Cavity design for high power RF

RF Key design Solutions


  • Radio Units
  • Massive MIMO
  • Small Cell

Networking & Wi-Fi

  • Access Points (11ax, 11ac)
  • Object Detection using Wi-Fi Sensing
  • UBR

IoT & Vision

  • Trackers ( Personal, Asset, Pet)
  • Smart Watch
  • Security Cameras
  • IoT Cameras

RF testing lab infrastructure

VVDN has in-house RF testing labs with full functional hardware testing facilities equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment. Pre-certification tests are done in-house as per international standards for design validation. Apart from these, VVDN has collaborated with various international labs and assists OEMs in getting the product’s final certification before eventually going into mass production.

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