VVDN, with its unmatched expertise in camera design and Image & video calibration, has worked with various clients globally. Our engineers understand that each combination of sensor, processor, and lens is unique and the captured image needs to be processed and tuned to get the desired output.

VVDN has set up in-house image tuning labs with state-of-the-art equipment providing a wide range of image tuning services. We at VVDN develop, port & build custom imaging algorithms to deliver the most optimal solutions for various use-cases for different industries.


VVDN team comes with unmatched expertise in imaging, ISP tuning, sensor characterization, calibration covering a wide array of sensors, platforms, and applications. Our specialized in-house image quality tuning and testing lab are designed to accelerate camera development to deliver vision solutions powered in a faster time to market.

Image Signal Processing Tuning

  • 3A system-level algorithm including Autofocus (AF), Auto Exposure (AE), and Auto White Balance (AWB) tuning
  • Image quality by eliminating unwanted dark or shaded edges.
  • 3x3 color matrix method for color correction
  • Gamma correction and tone mapping to map one set of colors to another approximate the appearance of high-dynamic-range (HDR)
Image Signal Processing Tuning
Image Signal Processing Tuning

Imaging Laboratory

  • ISO resolution charts & color tests under controlled lighting
  • TE42 chart - noise, sharpness, subjective scenes, color, texture
  • Q13 chart/Q14 chart - visually detectable steps
  • Light booth – to create different light conditions for sharpness & contrast
  • Kino Flo LED DMX lighting - color temperature:- 2700K - 6500K
  • Macbeth ColorChecker - color fidelity, noise, AWB

Image Quality Subjective Analysis

  • Optimizing each stage of the Image pipeline for a particular application
  • Intensifying the image and video quality to be sharper and clearer with color accuracy.
  • Use of subjectively correlated image quality metrics and outlines a framework for camera benchmarking.
  • Noise reduction and other ISP parameters to deliver the optimum image quality.
Image Signal Processing Tuning

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Complete measurement setups to compute a characteristic parameter accurately and precisely for most essential image sensor parameters with a CMOS/CCD sensor

  • Readout noise
  • Updated software library and hardware tools
  • Linearity and photon noise
  • Quantum efficiency and spectral response
  • Photoresponse curve
  • Modulation transfer function
  • Noise and Non-uniformity
  • Dark current

When testing for camera shading in our test labs, we ensure and evaluate shading using a matt diffuser chart for the greatest results

  • Lens shading correction (correct geometric and luminance/color distortions)
  • Color Shading or color non-uniformity
  • Luminance shading

VVDN works on 3A digital imaging technology to achieve the maximum image contrast, improve overexposure or underexposure of the subject, and compensate for the chromatic aberration of the picture under different light.

  • Auto Focus(AF) Algorithm
  • Auto Exposure(AE) Algorithm
  • Auto White Balance(AWB) Algorithm

Modifying ISP parameters iteratively for various lighting conditions and circumstances to produce the optimum image quality

  • Black level adjustment
  • Color correction
  • Fine-tuning the image pipeline blocks
  • Noise reduction
  • Demosaic (reconstruct colors per pixel)
  • Exposure control
  • Expert manually tuned ISP hyperparameters
  • Gamma correction
  • Raw data correction (remove defective pixels)




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