VVDN-Intelligent and Efficient Nex Gen Network Systems


Prepare for Future by Adopting Latest Technologies

Network Equipment Providers are undergoing tremendous pressure to remain competitive owing to the rapidly changing technology as well as the data proliferation in the networks. Intelligence and efficiency are the sought after ingredients of the Nex Gen Networks. VVDN helps you build, enhance, and operate network infrastructure by incorporating best-in-class ingredients and platform technologies.

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Creating Intelligent Network Products for Connected World

VVDN provides wide assortment of services spanning across compute, networking, platform and software development.


The fastest, most reliable wireless standard proving to be a pervasive technology around the world and continues to gain faster speeds and greater capacity. VVDN with rich expertise on LTE technology is developing nex gen wireless routers used for connected world.


Industry impetus is around SDN and is creating solid foundation for flexible networking. At VVDN (Having Proven Expertise in Networking) we help SDN/OpenFlow deliver a Streamlined Approach to Network Security Services in Next Gen Architectures.

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Cloud Computing

Generating Value, Driving Business Transformation, Accelerated Growth are what organizations are aiming at via Cloud Computing. VVDN(Proficient in Application Development) is your “key” to unlock the power of cloud.

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