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VVDN Manufacturing

Fastest growing ODM based out of India focusing on delivering
quality products for the connected world

PCB AssemblyPCB Assembly

  • 13 SMT Lines
  • Package-on-Package( PoP )chip mounting and Fine Pitch BGA Capability
  • Clean Room floors with ISO Class 100,000
  • Robust Inspection: In-line 3D AOI and 3D SPI
  • High Speed Multi Mounters Rated CPH 98000 Selective, robotic and wave soldering machine fornon -SMD parts
  • In line X-Ray Machine
  • End to end traceability -MES from iTAC(Germany)

Product Assembly icon Product Assembly

  • 100% Traceability
  • Production Test Suite (PTS) Automated assembly and testing
  • In-Line Camera/ Image Sensor Tuning In-Line Radio Testing
  • Packaging and QA

Tool, Mold & Rapid Proto Facility IconTool, Mold & Rapid Proto Facility

  • Best-in-class Tool Shop in India
  • Machine and Expertise for specialized jobs such as Wire Cut Strategic tie-ups for Material
  • Tooling and Molding for plastic, metal and rubber parts In-house Injection Molding by Toshiba (60T to 250T
  • CNC Machines
  • Paint Shops

Testing/Validation Facility IconTesting/Validation Facility

  • Complete Pre-Certification Testing
  • Thermal Chamber( -400C to 2200C ) Water Spray Chamber( As per JIS D203)
  • Environment Chamber (Lower Temp -40°C & Higher Temp 180°C, Humidity up to 97%) Vibration Shaker + Climate Chamber (Capacity 1100Kgf, Horizontal & Vertical, Lower temp -50°C & Higher Temp 180°C, Humidity up to 97%) Thermal Shock Chamber (Lower Temp -80°C & Higher Temp 220°C)
  • Salt Spray Chamber (DIN EN ISO 9227) EMI/EMC Testing Thermal Shock Chamber (Lower Temp -80°C & Higher Temp 220°C)

Certification Certification

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • OS/TS 16949:2009
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • OHSAS 18001:2007