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At VVDN we believe in empowering your capabilities and unleashing your potential. Always! Employees at VVDN have access to skill development training, workshops, client exposure, and on-site travel opportunities. Being a technology innovation focused company, we offer innovative projects and ideas to work on, and constantly recognize your efforts.

We are focused towards constant innovation and customer satisfaction. Our journey of the next gen innovative product design and manufacturing keeps you engaged with applying your learnings constantly. Each contributor at VVDN works on the latest technology. There is a lot to learn at VVDN, as we cater from 5G to Networking, Cloud to Apps, IoT to Vision. Embark on a career journey where you get to work on the leading|edge technologies, tools and your passion to make the solutions of today! Come join the club of innovators and give wings to your dreams!

Be a part of the VVDN team for an onward and upward journey!

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Experienced Professional

Disclaimer: Please beware of the fraudsters circulating some fake job offers in the name of VVDN Technologies. We would like to bring to your notice that VVDN’s recruitment team corresponds only to the email addresses with the domain name “@vvdntech.in” or “@vvdntech.com”.

VVDN Values

VVDN holds a strong value system. Our values speak for us, they represent our ethics, culture, and commitment.

Passion and Integrity
Passion and Integrity
Everything we do is driven with Passion, and Integrity. VVDN believes that working passionately with honesty results in greater efficiency. Being true to oneself and our customer, paves the way for greater future. Our promise is our most vital product - our word is our bond. The relationships that are critical to our success depend entirely on maintaining the highest ethical and moral standards around the world. Remember we are what our company is.
We strive to provide a true Ownership Culture where every employee feels a substantial, personal stake in the company's performance. It creates a situation in which behavior is guided more by values than by rules; even when "nobody is watching," people treat each decision as if they were, in fact, the owner.
Customer First
VVDN's concept of Customer Orientation goes beyond just doing the business. It's absolutely crucial that we listen and respond to those who depend on us - our customers, suppliers, and stakeholders. We clearly communicate mutual intentions and expectations; deliver innovative and competitive products and services; make it easy to work with us; and strive to be a vendor of choice.
Collaborate and Innovate
Collaborate and Innovate
We are total believers in Doing Great Things Together. Our commitment to Collaboration is evident in our team-based project structure. We predicate the growth of individuals on their contributions to the team's success in delivering exceptional customer experiences. Togetherness leads to inspiring and creative ideas, which lay the foundation of innovation.
We have an open door and open mind environment. VVDN encourages every individual to come forward with ideas that are aimed at providing excellence. Our communications are always proactive, direct, and honest. This openness and Transparency is critical to the health of our company. We practice this same transparency with our clients as well.

Life at VVDN

Life at VVDN is a balance of work and happiness. We believe in setting our own individual goals and working together as a team to accomplish them. We understand your personal engagements and our supportive work policy allows you to manage your work assignments while being able to handle your personal emergencies.

VVDN provides equal employment opportunities to all and stands against any form of discrimination. We have a transparent and healthy work culture, enclosed within a creative workspace.

VVDN-Career Life at vvdn
VVDN-Career Life at vvdn
VVDN-Career Life at vvdn
VVDN-Career Life at vvdn
VVDN-Career Life at vvdn


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