Internet of Things

VVDN-We put Smartness into Smart things


VVDN Brings Richer IOT Experience

As intelligence spreads beyond devices to everyday things, this connectivity will play a crucial role in driving the broader vision of the Internet of Things (IoT). The Internet of Things (IoT) is a fast-emerging ecosystem of IP-connected devices. VVDN Technologies has been developing embedded systems and solutions for many years and is at the forefront of IoT devices and infrastructure development. VVDN’s offerings around the IoT include our expertise in building variety of smart solutions for various industries like smart homes, wearables, smart cities.


Help Industries Make Nex Gen IoT Products

VVDN with its end to end ODM capabilities help industries make smart products. With VVDN, our customers deliver game changing innovation, enriched customer experiences and new levels of efficiency!

VVDN Makes IOT Happen

VVDN builds end to end devices from sensors devices to cameras, from gateways to streaming devices, from cloud to mobile apps. VVDN has worked in all aspects in a range of technologies being used in building various IoT applications.


VVDN with its wireless expertise, can design and integrate wide variety of devices based on major silicon companies. Rich experience in sensors ranging from Ambient Light Sensor, Temperature, Pressure, Proximity, etc. help our customers design futuristic devices which cuts them ahead of their competitors.


Colossal experience in Nex Gen IOT gateways based on major industry platforms such as NXP which have redefined IOT roadmaps for many of our customers. Checkout few of VVDN’s latest development on IOT gateways on

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Cloud lies at the heart of IOT products however companies face numerous challenges when connecting different devices and cloud services together into unified experiences. VVDN addressed this problem by developing Unified IOT Cloud which enables faster and simpler development of new enterprise, industrial, and consumer applications.

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Mobile App

We put smartness in the palm of your hand via smartphones mobile apps. VVDN makes all the smart devices controllable via iOS and Android Apps, making life easy and cool.

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ODM Services

VVDN’s productization experience help our customers produce all the IOT products at unbeatable prices with robust network of supply partners and highly efficient manufacturing.

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