NBIoT has revolutionized the tracking industry with its low power, better coverage, and higher battery life. OEMs need solutions that are production-ready to enable speed to revenue. VVDN IoT team has developed a wide range of NBIoT based solutions for different use cases including asset tracking, warehouse inventory tracking, personal tracking, pet tracking and all the solutions can be customized as per client’s business use case.

What We Offer

Lower cost to design | Faster time to market | End-to-End Solution

VVDN has designed and developed asset trackers and implemented cloud-based applications for monitoring and tracking. Our solution helps locate near real-time remote equipment, monitor and manage valuable shipments. User get full access to position tracking using

  • GPS and NB-IoT for outdoor positioning of assets
  • BLE and NB-IoT for indoor positioning of assets

Once powered on, users get full access to its position tracking and environmental conditions using sensors over the cloud. Different sensing details including temperature, pressure, humidity, light, accelerometer information can be detected.

The VVDN Cloud provides a near real-time asset location to the user and can provide detailed reports of assets' current status. The solutions can be tailored to provide customized features like tamper detection, collision detection, or shock detection. Users can set the system to receive custom alerts and notifications and all upgrades to the sensors firmware can be pushed through OTA(Over The Air)


Package Mishandling Information

Tamper, Collision, Shock Detection

Secure Connectivity

Wide and Customizable Reports

Event Alerts & Notifications

OTA Upgrades


  • Indoor location & delivery information
  • Near real-time location of goods

Temperature Monitoring Assets

  • Real-time temperature information for quality control
  • Notification alert when out of temperature range

Hospital & Medical Equipment

  • Near real-time information of high-value equipment
  • Shock & tamper alert

Overseas Shipping

  • Track & monitor overseas shipments
  • Long battery life

VVDN has designed and developed a complete end-to-end personal tracking solution which includes a tracking device that can be paired with a smartphone over the cloud. It uses

  • Wi-Fi and NB-IoT for indoor tracking
  • GPS and NB-IoT for outdoor tracking

This tracker device can be paired to a mobile device and uses GPS, Wi-Fi, and LTE cell signals for tracking. Some of the major features include Geo-fencing, SOS function, and sends an alert notification instantly to the user device. The device is water-resistant(IP67 rated), Shock Resistant, and UV resistant. This solution is ideal in tracking and locating children, senior citizens,trekkers, climbers, hikers, and pets. All firmware and security upgrades can be pushed to the sensors from either mobile or through OTA. Depending on the requirement, the tracking solution can be configured and customized.


Ease Onboarding

Real-time Motion Event Input


Unmatched Battery Life


OTA Upgrades

Personal Tracking

  • Track children, Senior citizen when they leave the house
  • SOS alert in case of panic or distress

Pet Tracking

  • Track when your pet leaves the house
  • Custom notifications & alerts

Ranching Industry

  • Real-time position of herds
  • Alarm notification when out of geo-fence area

VVDN designed and implemented a BLE tracking solution consisting of BLE tags and a NB-IoT based BLE gateway. BLE tag, a small locator device connects to the gateway via BLE and allows it to track down the locations. BLE Tags have sensors that can sense temperature, light, pressure, humidity, and shock details. BLE gateway sends the data to the cloud via NB-IoT. Once the BLE Gateway is powered on, the user gets full access to position tracking and environmental conditions using sensors over the cloud. A NB-IoT based BLE gateway can fetch the data of 200+ BLE Tags at a time. Users get detailed reports on Mobile/Web Applications.


Near Real-time Tracking

Easy Onboarding via BLE

Pressure & Shock Detection

Rechargeable Battery

Splash & Shock Resistance

Alerts & Notifications

Inventory Management

  • Easy management of company inventory

Theft Protection

  • Helps to keep a track on company assets

Employee Tracking Information

  • Locate employees and keep track of working hours

School Kids

  • Track whereabouts of kids in school premises

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