VVDN Technologies has proven expertise over the past many years in designing, engineering and manufacturing the best in class products and solutions. With Technology moving forward along with internet connectivity, Datacenters have become a crucial part to deliver the best possible experience. VVDN combines its expertise to deliver the best in class datacenter solutions; designing and developing a variety, ranging from power efficient to high performance servers and FPGA based SmartNICs customized to customers’ business requirements.

Our engineering experts design software solution IPs to offload the CPU intensive tasks to the accelerator cards. Our services helps Hyperscalers, Telcos and CSPs to deliver a fluid experience to its customers by reducing their Operational Expenditure

OUR Services

Engineering Design Expertise

Hardware Design

  • High Performance Computing (HPC) servers
  • Storage servers
  • Communication servers
  • Managed switches (24/30 port) supporting 1G/10G.
  • Accelerator cards
Engineering Design Expertise

Software Design

  • Server monitoring, automation and management software solutions
  • Task offloading IPs for SmartNICs
  • Network Monitoring software solution using SmartNIC
Engineering Design Expertise

QA and Validation

  • RFC2544 test compliance for SmartNIC
  • Validation and performance benchmarking
  • Virtualization solution with OpenStack integration
  • Server validation (BMC+MoBo)
  • Test automation solution
    • Integrating open source automation test suites for Open vSwitch testing
    • Functional/non-functional Server hardware validation
  • Hands on experience on industry standard tools i.e. XENA, DPDK Applications, TRex
Engineering Design Expertise


  • Mass manufacturing
  • PCB design & assembly
  • Mechanical design
  • Die casting for heat sinks
  • Molding and tooling
  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • PTS Automation

Our Expertise

VVDN has expertise in the field of datacenter, providing a variety from performance oriented to cost efficient solutions in designing servers, switches, SmartNICs and software IPs as per the requirements of our customers.

Hardware Design


Over the years VVDN has proven its expertise in designing and developing mechanical and PCB designs for a wide range of products for various Industries. Coming to the datacenter, VVDN’s hardware design expertise gives our customers an edge over the others in developing servers and accelerator cards.

Offloading & Acceleration IPs


VVDN has been a premier in developing softwares designs over the years, now assisting CSPs, Hyperscalers and Telcos in developing the best and faster to market software solutions.



With die casting, sheet metal facility and dedicated CNC machines along with state-of-the-art SMT lines and ICT & FPT machines, VVDN has in house capabilities to mass manufacture complex Datacenter products.

Our Offerings

Offloading IPs

  • OvS Offloading
  • IPSEC Offloading
  • SSL/TLS Offloading
  • Firewall Offloading
  • vRouter Offloading
  • Inline CU-UP offloading
  • 5G L1 offloading
  • 5G UPF acceleration
  • vRAN using OpenShift
  • Deep Packet Inspection

Other IPs

  • Sign/Verify process Offloading
  • OpenSSL PKI offloading
  • Deduplication
  • Service chaining
  • 400G Datapath with HBM CAM LOOKUP
  • Custom Datapath with FPGA Design Suite
  • Network trend monitoring
  • NFV Solutions

Datacenter Products

  • HPC Servers
  • Storage Servers
  • Networking Servers
  • Accelerator Cards
  • Managed Switches
Hardware Design
Mechanical Design
Software Development
System Integration

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