VVDN’s O-RAN Fronthaul IP for both DU & RU

VVDN’s ORAN over eCPRI is a solution for 7-2x Split up with PCIe Gen3.0 x8 host interface to the High-PHY SW layer. IQ samples can be transported over PCIe interface to FPGA and High PHY runs in the host. An input of 1PPS is provided for frame synchronization. Block floating-point compression and modulation compression can be supported and the design is scalable to support multiple Fronthaul.

Available ORAN Fronthaul IPs

Fronthaul IP for the DU

Also as IP bundled with VVDN ADYA Telco NIC

Fronthaul IP for the RU

VVDN with its integrated capabilities offers CUSTOMIZATION & SUPPORT to different market segments & adds value proposition to their solution

System Integrators

Flexible hardware implementations that allow scalable cost-effective solutions

Engineering Services Companies

End to End support from Software to hardware expertise

Infrastructure Focused Companies

Scalable Architecture with multiple options

Test & Measurement Companies

Interface simplicity, transport bandwidth scalability, interoperability and function symmetry.

Server Vendors

Enables your off the shelve hardware to be transformed into 5G processing units


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