VVDN-JXN-NX is an AI development system developed by VVDN that brings supercomputer performance to the edge. The development system includes a power-efficient, compact Jetson Xavier™ NX module along with a carrier board for developing edge AI devices.

The entire development system is supported by the NVIDIA JetPack™ SDK with a customized BSP. The development system is backed up with the familiar Linux environment, CUDA-X accelerated libraries, APIs, and tools for edge AI application development. It also supports higher-level SDKs such as NVIDIA DeepStream for streaming video analytics. The AI development system can be used by intelligent machine OEMs, AI application developers, to develop and test power-efficient, small form factor solutions with accurate, multi-modal AI inference.

Features :

  • Powerful and compact size Jetson Xavier™ NX module for advanced edge AI applications.
  • Rich I/O peripherals to expand AI projects further
  • Supports entire NVIDIA software stack for application development and optimization
  • Easy to build, deploy, and manage AI at the edge

Technical Specifications

Features Description
  • NVIDIA Volta architecture with 384 NVIDIA CUDA® cores and 48 Tensor cores
  • 6-core NVIDIA Carmel ARM®v8.2 64-bit CPU 6 MB L2 + 4 MB L3
DL Accelerator
  • 2x NVDLA Engines
Vision Accelerator
  • 7-Way VLIW Vision Processor
  • 2x2 Lane MIPI CSI-2 DPHY
  • 1x4 Lane MIPI CSI-2 DPHY
  • 16 GB 128-bit LPDDR4x @ 1866 MHz 51.2GB/s
  • 4x USB 3.1, 1x USB 2.0 Micro-B
Network Connectivity
  • 1x M.2 Key E for WIFI/BT
  • 1x Gigabit Ethernet
  • 16 GB eMMC 5.1
  • 1x M.2 Key M for NVMe
  • Micro SD (optional)
Video Encode
  • 2x 4K @ 30 | 6x 1080p @ 60 | 14x 1080p @ 30 (H.265/H.264)
Video Decode
  • 2x 4K @ 60 | 4x 4K @ 30 | 12x 1080p @ 60 | 32x 1080p @ 30 (H.265)
  • 2x 4K @ 30 | 6x 1080p @ 60 | 16x 1080p @ 30 (H.264)
  • 1x HDMI 2.0
  • 1x Display port
Power Supply
  • 12V/5A
Operating Temperature Range
  • 0°C to +65°C (With the Provided Heatsink + Fan and without the plastic base)
  • 120 mm x 90 mm (without Plastic Base)
  • FCC Certified
Other Interfaces
  • I2C, I2S, SPI, UART, CAN


Smart Cameras
Smart Cameras
Smart Cities
Smart Cities
Smart Factories
Smart Factories
Smart Factories
Commercial Robotics

Box Contents

Each VVDN-JXN-NX Development System includes:

  • 1x Carrier Board
  • 1x NVIDIA Jetson Xavier™ NX Module
  • 1x 12V/5A Power Supply

Unboxing & Setup

For any query related to the development system, please write us at:


Title Version Release Date
VVDN-JXN-NX Development System User Guide 2.0 30/07/2022
Title Version Release Date
VVDN-JXN-NX Development System Quick Start Guide 1.0 16/03/2022
Package Info BSP Release Source Patches Release Date
VVDN_JXN_NX_L4T32.7.1_23-MAY-2022_R_1_0_2 L4T32.7.1 JXN_NXv1.0.1 23/05/2022
Package Information Jetpack Version Release Date
VVDN_JXN_NX_SD_Card_Image_L4T_32.7.1 4.6.1 13/08/2022


VVDN-JXN-NX development system is a replica of the NVIDIA Xavier NX developer kit with some added features. It comes with a production quality carrier board designed and manufactured by VVDN powered with the powerful Xavier NX 16 GB SOM module by NVIDIA.

The development system is powered with Nvidia Production ready Jetson Xavier NX 16GB module that delivers up to 21 TOPS for running modern AI workloads and consumes as little as 10 watts of power.

The carrier board is completely designed, developed and manufactured by VVDN Technologies

The development system is readily available in stock. You just have to fill and submit the “enquire now” form and our sales representative will get back to you.

The expansion Header pinout is different from the NVIDIA Xavier NX developer kit (VVDN Board 2x16 connector VS NVIDIA Board 2x20 connector). For all the other connectors, pinout is same, as per the NVIDIA Xavier NX developer Kit.

Yes, you can flash the original device tree i.e. Jetpack from NVIDIA. However, some of the interfaces including EEPROM, On board temperature sensor, SD card and 4 Lane MIPI may not work. You have to apply the suitable patch, available on VVDN website to get all these interfaces working.

VVDN-JXN-NX development system supports SD card size of upto 512 GB.

Yes, it does. The steps for booting the development system via SD card are mentioned in the quick start guide.

Yes. The development system supports all the boots including USB boot, SSD boot, NFS boot.

All types of USBs, till type 3.1 are supported on this development system.

The size of the carrier board is 120 mm x 90 mm. The STEP/cad file is available under the downloads section if you want to evaluate if it fits in your end solution.

The operating temperature for the development system is 0°C to +65°C with provided heat sink and fan.

The complete VVDN-JXN-NX development system is FCC certified.

Yes, VVDN being a premier electronics product engineering company is happy to provide support on all types of customization on the carrier board.

Yes, the full system, with sheet metal enclosure and active heat sink is also available with a specific lead time.

VVDN has its own mechanical manufacturing facility, customized mechanical enclosure depending on your requirement whether IP65, IP67, fanless solution is also available with fast turnaround time.

SD card/NVME booting can be utilized for this purpose, Steps for the same are available in our Application notes.

As of now VVDN_JXN_NX have been tested up to 2TB SSD.

Verify if python2.7 is available in the host PC,if not install the same. Then run the following command “sudo ln -s /usr/bin/python2.7 python” in the usr/bin folder