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Embedded Software Engineering

Deliver embedded software and systems engineering solutions
that help overcome the complexities of next era solutions.

VVDN’s product engineering team comes with vast expertise in system software development. The team’s capabilities cut across right from creating specs, designing and implementation to independent testing for various environmental specifications. Our system software team’s skill set ranges from microprocessors to real-time operating systems, from low-level system software to thorough understanding of hardware, and deep familiarity of the OS internals. Hence the team’s experience helps in overcoming today’s business challenges of reducing size and complexities delivering next-gen embedded engineering solutions.

At VVDN, we do embedded systems software development for turnkey projects, and also provide embedded systems development as discrete services for the existing ones.

Key Capabilities

Firmware, Middleware

System Architecture and Partitioning, MCU Firmware, HAL, Protocol Stack Development, Power Management, OTA Firmware Upgrades

Device Driver

Kernel Device Drivers such as: Bus Drivers, Wifi Drivers, Audio & Video Drivers, Camera Sensor Drivers, Display Drivers, PMIC Drivers, MAC and Crypto Drivers


Bootloader Development/Porting and hardening on different architecture platforms, Boot Time Optimization, Customized API Development

OS Porting and Customization

RTOS Porting/Development: Linux, uCos, eCos®, System Android Porting Development (including Android 9), Optimal performance with low memory footprint

Embedded Application

Rich embedded system applications, and interactive GUIs for consumer, camera, networking, and automotive products.

Faster Time to Market:
We help customer go to market faster through re-usable frameworks, modules and proven solutions.

Product Lifecycle Support

New Product Development

Embedded software architecture, modeling, embedded systems software engineering, release management, and feature driven development

Product Maintenance and Sustenance

Product enhancements, bug tracking and fixing, feature enhancements, regression testing, and maintenance releases

Integration Testing

Test plan design, test automation and scripting, compatibility and interoperability, compliance testing, and regression testing