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Development of 5G Solutions

Industry Leading Experts with Expertise across IPs and Wireless Capabilities

VVDN has the experience, skills and solutions to secure a successful evolution to 5G for mobile service providers as well as OEMs and enable them to unlock the full 5G potential. Our industry leading experts are here to turn your 5G visions into real business. VVDN with deep wireless capabilities will deliver on the promise of 5G for improved capacity, density, latency and agility.

Our 5G

VVDN-IOT Gateway Enabling IOT in True Sense

IOT Gateway

Enabling IOT in True Sense

VVDN has designed IoT Gateway based on 4G LTE Cat 16 Technology, which is capable of providing speed upto 1Gbps. The work is in progress for 5G based IoT gateway.
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VVDN-5G Base Station For Mobile Networks

5G Base Station

For Mobile Networks

Migration from previous standard to 5G require some major infrastructure changes, which can be roughly grouped into interface level changes suchas re-defining the back haul, front haul and the processing system. VVDN with deep wireless capabilities helps on:
5G Backhaul, Fronthaul and 5G L1 Processing

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