VVDN has over a decade of proven engineering expertise and an extensive portfolio of electronic products. Benefit from VVDN’s wealth of knowledge and experience in server design. Our meticulously crafted servers feature PCB designs with up to 18 layers. VVDN is capable of designing servers in Rackmount (1U, 2U, 4U form factors) as well as blade servers. We offer a wide range of customization options to cater to varying design complexities. With these offerings, we deliver top-notch performance, efficiency, and faster time to market for our customers.

To ensure the quality and performance of our servers, we conduct in-house PCB testing to verify the functionality of each server motherboard. This rigorous testing process guarantees that our customers receive a reliable product. By utilizing VVDN's engineered and tested server designs, our customers can minimize costs while maximizing performance. As a result, they can achieve a greater return on investment (ROI) and expand their business while keeping expenditures to a minimum.


VVDN's profound expertise in server design capabilities empowers customers to obtain customized server solutions that cater to various market requirements.

Hardware Design


VVDN excels in hardware design, offering expertise in Server Design. Our comprehensive services ensure the development of high-performance, reliable, and cutting-edge electronic products. Our hardware design capabilities include:

  • Defining Architecture
  • Power Design
  • PCB Design
  • Mechanical and Thermal Design
  • CPLD Logic Design

Hardware Validation


VVDN specializes in comprehensive hardware validation services, ensuring that our product meets rigorous industry standards and customer expectations. Our hardware validation services include:

  • Electrical testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Thermal Performance Validation
  • Manufacturing Validation

Software Design


VVDN offers comprehensive services in software design solutions for servers to ensure robust, secure, and reliable software solutions for efficient server performance. Our software design capabilities include:

  • BIOS and BMC Integration
  • Firmware Integration
  • OS Integration
  • Platform Security
  • Recovery Validation


Application Specific Server Design

Benefit from VVDN’s server design for a variety of Industry use cases, ranging from power- efficient to high-performance computing. Our expertise include:

  • Telco Server
  • Edge Server
  • HPC Server
  • Storage Server

Open Compute Standard Server Design

Empower customers by providing open and standardized server designs, advancing innovation, scalability, and cost-effectiveness in the development and deployment of servers. Our offerings include:

  • M-FLW, M-DNO standard Host Processor Modules design
  • DC-SCM Modules design
  • OCP-NIC Modules design

BMC System Design

VVDN offers enhanced UI and BMC system development services, enabling seamless control and monitoring of server operations, enhancing efficiency, and simplifying server management providing:

  • IPMI support
  • KVM support
  • Redfish support
  • Remote Access

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