SEGGER Microcontroller is a full-range supplier of hardware and software development tools as well as middleware for embedded systems – in brief: “The Embedded Experts”.

The company offers support throughout the whole development process with affordable, high quality, flexible and easy-to-use tools and components: Starting with its own IDE SEGGER Embedded Studio, debugging with the industry-leading J-Link, tying in Microcontroller peripherals via its Middleware, and finally implementing the software on the target through its own programmer.

SEGGER relies on closed-loop development: Its products have to prove their worth in daily use by the developers. That’s why it simply works.

Software Products:

Solutions for your IoT application, embOS (RTOS), emWin (GUI), emFile (File System), emUSB-Device (USB device stack), emUSB-Host (USB host stack) and embOS/IP (TCP/IP stack). With emSSL and emSecure, a unique software to generate and verify digital signatures, SEGGER is offering solutions for secure communication as well as data and product security, meeting the needs of the rapidly evolving IoT. The highly integrated, cost-effective tools comprise the Flasher flash programmer and the industry leading J-Link / J-Trace debug probe.

Software Solutions

Embedded Studio

RTOS and Middleware

Hardware Solutions

Debug Probes
J-Link and J-Trace

Production Programmers

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