Cloud Platform Services


Proliferation of wireless sensor networks, RFIDs, IOT, mobile devices has propounded the idea of connecting embedded systems with the cloud. Embedded devices are ubiquitously interacting with physical world, making it imperative to underpin Embedded Cloud solution as the future.

The industry challenge today is to deal with colloquial data being thrown by the 'Edge Devices' . Low Power, Data Ingression, Artificial Intelligence is the mantra for new Intelligent and Smart Devices. VVDN helps customers provide an embedded cloud connecting the edge devices to the IT infrastructure and developing a new genre of applications that can make macro-level decisions about the real-world environment and offer value added services.

Cloud Diagram

Join the Cloud Bandwagon

VVDN's cloud services can help companies plot strategy, cut costs, increase efficiencies and deal with a hybrid tech environment. Specific Cloud Services include:

  • Cloud Infrastructure
    • Amazon Web Services
    • VVDN IOT Cloud Platform
  • Cloud Application Development
    • Develop and reengineer applications for the cloud
    • Provide Cloud Application Solutions such as
      • Smart Home Products (IOT Cameras, IOT Gateways, LEDs)
      • Wireless Access Points/Routers
      • GPS Trackers
      • Cloud Network Management System
    • Cloud Security
      • Software Defined Security
      • Cloud Data Protection
  • Cloud Analytics and Data Management
    • Big Data Analytics
    • Business Intelligence
    • In memory computing
  • DevOps
    • Cloud Service Delivery
      • Provisioning
      • Service Level Agreement
      • Availability,Scalability
      • Backup
    • Cloud Service Operations
      • Monitoring,Orchestration and Automation
      • Auditing
      • Access Management
      • Incident Management
  • Cloud Integration
    • Experience with legacy migration and complex integration
    • Secure and seamless flow of data

Through our Cloud services offerings, we help our customers redefine cloud operations along with continuous delivery of development/operations ("dev-ops")