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VVDN & NAPINO Auto Collaborate to Lead Innovation in Cloud Managed IOT Products

VVDN & NAPINO Auto Collaborate to Lead Innovation in Cloud Managed IOT Products Jan 10, 2017
VVDN & NAPINO Auto Collaborate to Lead Innovation in Cloud Managed IOT Products

Gurgaon, India: Envisioning exponential growth in the demand for hi-tech and innovative IoT products across industries and the government’s push for Make in India, auto-component major, Napino Auto & Electronics Ltd has made a strategic investment into VVDN Technologies - A leading ODM provider of end to end cloud-enabled IoT solutions.

VVDN’s capabilities lie in offering versatile and innovative world-class quality IoT product development services to complement Napino’s electronic and electrical auto product design, development and manufacturing.

Within the scope of this collaboration, VVDN shall provide complete engineering services and outsource the manufacturing of complex embedded electronics to Napino. The partnership will enable Napino to not only offer advanced cloud-enabled solutions for their automotive products but also foray into the booming IoT market. This synergistic partnership will ensure that the target customers are offered innovative IoT solutions of the highest quality with the shortest time to market.

Bhupender Saharan, CEO & founder, VVDN said, “We’re excited to be working with Napino to ramp up our manufacturing capabilities. The partnership is the fastest way to provide cloud-connected devices to help partners around the world. This collaboration will have an impact on the industry for years to come”.

VVDN and Napino shall jointly target markets in the United States, Europe, China, and India with revolutionary IoT products.

Vaibhav Raheja, Director at Napino said, “VVDN and Napino’s engineering and manufacturing expertise have a high strategic fit with the fast-changing requirements of not only automotive but other industries as well. I am happy to announce this collaboration which is aligned with Napino’s aspiration of foraying into the IoT domain through technological innovation”.

About VVDN
VVDN is the premier ODM for cloud-managed IoT product and is uniquely positioned to deliver versatile, innovative, world-class quality IoT product development. VVDN has embodied real customer value by providing advanced embedded designs and manufacturing services through innovative cutting edge technology. VVDN prides itself for delivering customized products with a highly competitive business model. Headquartered in India, VVDN has its presence across the globe including US, Europe, Japan. For more details visit

About Napino
Napino Auto & Electronics Limited is one of India’s leading manufacturers of auto electronic and electrical products with end to end design, development and manufacturing capabilities. Napino has built a long-standing relationship with major OEMs in India and has state of the art R&D and manufacturing facilities offering product innovation and high-quality standards. For more details visit

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