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VVDN announces Argon 6UL- Android IOT Development Kit

VVDN announces Argon 6UL- Android IOT Development Kit Dec 13, 2016
VVDN announces Argon 6UL- Android IOT Development Kit

Stay ahead of IOT design for smart home connected products using Argon i.mx6UL based on NXP i.MX 6UL processor and Google Android Things Platform

San Jose, CA – December 13, 2016 – VVDN today launched its low cost IOT development kit Argon i.mx6UL under its argonboards rapid development platform. It includes micro sized SOM and development board with ability to access full software support. Based on NXP i.mx6UL and new Google’s Android Things platform, Argon i.MX 6UL is a purpose-built, small footprint hardware development platform equipped with a wide array of high-speed connectivity to support the development of IoT endpoints such as locks, fire alarms, lights, plugs, sensors and many more.

IOT Smart Home market is exploding as its trying to address security and cost challenges. In the wake of such market dynamics, Argon i.mx6UL comes as a treat for developers, enthusiasts, hobbyists, OEMs as it aims to spur the proliferation of affordable products with Google managed security for developing IOT products.

Argon i.MX 6UL - “Multipurpose IOT development kit” includes SOM Board, Development Board, Antenna. It runs linux, yocto, ubuntu and Android Things on 6UL ultra-efficient processor family featuring an advanced implementation of a single ARM® Cortex® A7 core and offers expansion interfaces plus 9 axis sensors.

 “Combining the benefits of cost effective, feature rich NXP 6UL processor and new Google Android Things delivering security via Google managed updates, Argon i.mx6UL is an enabler for fast track IOT Product Design”, said Jothiganesan, Director Hardware Engineering at VVDN. “We believe that using affordable, certified Argon i.MX 6UL developers can successfully bring IOT products to market without having to worry about the low level kernel coding as well as the security”.

“As a global leader in the embedded market, we see boundless opportunities with new Google Android Things Platform”, said Robert Thompson, i.MX ecosystem manager at NXP. “We are excited to play a role in making the jobs of IoT device manufacturers and software developers easier by introducing cost effective, certified SOM based on i.MX 6UL processors ultimately resulting in more innovation in our homes.”

Users have the option to buy the entire kit or SOM individually. For more information on the product details as well as placing the order please visit

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