Innovation With Nex Gen Secured Camera Solutions

As the demand on Image and Video systems become more complex, VVDN delivers increasingly sophisticated Secured Camera Solutions. Camera industry is one of our highly strategic industry segments. VVDN’s expertise cuts across all layers of various embedded platform(RTOS, Linux, Android) such as BSP, Device Drivers, Multimedia, Middleware, Connectivity Applications/GUI, Cloud, Mobile App. We offer customized camera product design with latest technologies.

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Thinking About a Camera Solution?

VVDN - A pioneer in video technology has extensive experience in security, home automation, defense, industrial, automotive & commercial markets. Our specialization lies in providing end-to-end product development for the full range of camera design solutions which include image & video applications such as

Thinking About a Camera Solution?

Image and Video Capture, Storage, and Distribution

Image and Video Processing and Analytics

Video Stitching and Imaging

Visually Enabled World with VVDN

VVDN with its video expertise enforce captive technology foundation across camera market. Our strong experience and expertise on various camera platforms (Qualcomm, TI etc.) to sensors from Onsemi, Omnivision etc. and ability to provide ODM services puts us in a unique position with our customers. We have developed hardware, software and applications around camera products that are optimized for quality, reliability and latency. Many of our innovative designs have won awards making us the right choice for partnership with our customers.

VVDN-Move Forward By Taking Cameras To Cloud

Move Forward By Taking Cameras To Cloud

With the increasing demand of security and surveillance, image and video industry players are keeping an eye on competitor’s product. Cloud based system helps in easier installation, data security, remote and authorized access that will keep you a step ahead in the game also makes it easier to grab more market share and extend your customer base.

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