Experience Innovation with VVDN Technologies at ISC West 2024

Gear up for a spectacle of innovation as VVDN Technologies is all set to steal the show at ISC West 2024. At the Venetian Expo, Las Vegas, witness our commitment to pioneering security solutions that redefine industries and drive innovation to new heights.

Leveraging state-of-the-art expertise in vision technology, VVDN helps build cutting-edge camera-based solutions for global OEMs. Our vision team comes with proven and deep expertise in dual-sensor integration, calibration, image tuning, AI/ML, data modeling, and edge computing, enabling our customers to deploy increasingly advanced and secure solutions. Explore our next-generation smart security solutions, and learn more about our end-to-end capabilities.

Hardware Services

Software & Cloud Services

Sensor Integration

AI/ML Services

Testing & Certification Services

Mechanical & Electronics Manufacturing Services

Also experience live demonstration of VVDN Intelligent Cloud Engine, a cloud platform that empowers OEMs with a powerful set of deployment advantages, simplifying and expediting the video surveillance journey.

Explore groundbreaking technologies at ISC West 2024 and learn how VVDN is driving innovation in the security and technology landscape. We look forward to meeting you in Las Vegas!

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Booth #9117
April 9-12, 2024 | Venetian Expo, Las Vegas

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