Customer Requirements

One of the leading HVAC OEMs based of the US is working to transform their traditional wired connected HVAC system to a wireless sensor network using BLE mesh technology. The customer approached VVDN to execute BLE testing on the wireless modules (Temperature sensor, Air quality sensor, Thermostat controller, and Range extendor) to ensure seamless connectivity and works well when deployed in the real world.

Key Challenges Faced by the Customer

The customer was looking for a partner with extensive experience on BLE technology.

Another challenge for the customer was to find a partner whom their team could work closely with, understand the requirements and implement it to achieve desired results.

Solution Proposed By VVDN

VVDN’s scope was to execute proper BLE testing on temperature averaging sensor, air quality sensor, range extender, and thermostat controller. VVDN engineers have extensive experience working on the software and tools that were needed to execute the project requirement. Some of the development and testing activities on the software side includes:

  • Programming of BLE modules and microcontrollers was done with the help of simplicity studio
  • Unity Test Framework and Google Test Framework was used for the Gray box testing,
  • BLE packet sniffing via Wireshark. A sniffer application was also developed for sniffing of the BLE packets and to debug & fix the issues that are happening on air.

VVDN also executed various hardware testing activities in their dedicated in-house RF house lab. Latest RF testing equipment was used to verify the modules to ensure the effective use of radio spectrum as well as its interference with one another.

Customer Benefit

The thorough and comprehensive testing of the BLE mesh solution proved with the benefits of smooth installation & maintenance, uninterrupted communication, and energy efficiency.

  • Installation & Maintenance: BLE mesh network eliminated the use of cables thus making the system easy to install and also helped to reduce the operational cost
  • Uninterrupted Communication: Seamless and robust connectivity was ensured for communication and message delivery between the nodes.
  • Energy Efficiency: The smart HVAC system based on BLE mesh technology resulted in greater energy efficiency.

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