With the advancement in the vision & camera industry, the demand & requirement of camera devices to be smarter and future-ready has also increased. In earlier times, cameras were just a source of capturing a photograph or shooting a video, but nowadays cameras have become smarter and can do a lot more with the integration of AI/ML techniques. 

The camera industry has widened its scope by merging different elements of AI such as ML, Video Analytics, Machine Vision, Edge Computing, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, CNN, etc into camera products. Also, various silicon companies keeping in mind the increasing demand of AI-based cameras have come up with new chipsets or processor that supports various AI/ML use cases such as Ambarella CV series (CV5, CV2, CV22, CV25, CV28), Qualcomm QCS series (QCS410, QCS610, QCS603, QCS605), Nvidia Jetson(TX1, TX2, Nano, Xavier), Intel MyriadX Series (MA2085, MA2485) & KeemBay, TI (TDA3x/2x) and Xilinx’s Alveo. These chipsets support Face Detection, Face Recognition, Object Detection, DMS, and various other AI/ML-based algorithms resulting in smarter, faster, safer, and efficient camera solutions.

So, to cater to the growing needs of cameras, different companies have come up with all new concepts and styles of camera solutions for instance Video Conferencing cameras, In-car cameras, Security Surveillance cameras, Document Cameras, etc. These cameras have been designed to offer more convenience at work along with security and safety all at your fingertips. These cameras are also capable of capturing and storing the footage over the cloud, SD card, or into the device memory and allow an individual to view it at any time and from anywhere from your mobile device or laptop.

Let’s see what AI-based camera solutions are capable of doing and turns out to be a smarter and future-ready solution:

  1. AI-based Video Conferencing Camera: An AI-based video conferencing camera solution helps an individual or group of people to collaborate and work together from the same or different locations. With the help of this real-time camera solution one can connect with his/her colleagues, customers from anywhere and at any time and exchange thoughts, conduct meetings, send across files easily and efficiently. This solution also offers capturing and recording facilities, which allow one to record the meeting and refer later on as and when required. With the power of AI/ML being added to this solution, it can perform 
  • Face Detection
  • Face Recognition
  • Person Detection
  • People Counting

These AI/ML capabilities allow the individual who is carrying out the meeting to identify whether the right set of people are attending the meeting or not to prevent leakage or misuse of confidential information and also keep a record number of attendees.

  1. AI-based In-Car Camera (Dash Camera): An AI based in-car camera is also known as dash camera or dash cam which can capture, record and store the inner view and outer view of a vehicle. It allows you to access the information of any view at any point of time from anywhere to provide security to your vehicle as well as your family members. In case of any incident, an alert is sent to the owner of the vehicle in real-time. With the power of AI/ML being added to this solution, it can perform 
  • Face Recognition
  • Drowsiness detection
  • Gazing around detection
  • Phone usage detection
  • Lane Detection

These AI/ML capabilities help in preventing accidents, incidents, theft and also act as proof of evidence in case of any accident. 

  1. AI-based Security Surveillance Camera (indoor and outdoor): An AI-based security surveillance camera can be used in our homes, offices, mall, parking, etc. to capture and record footage of the surroundings to prevent incidents. It allows an individual to access the information of any view at any point of time from anywhere to provide security and safety in real-time. With the power of AI/ML being added to this solution, it can perform 
  • Person Detection
  • People Counting
  • Object Detection – classify and detect
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Queue Detection
  • Crowd Detection
  • Motion Detection

These AI/ML capabilities help in preventing any sort of incident & theft and also act as a proof of evidence in case of an accident. 

  1. AI based Document Camera: An AI based document camera is capable of capturing the content from a document and streaming it on conferencing apps such as Teams/Zoom/Google Meet. Its main purpose is to present content from a document to a larger audience. Whether you’re working from home or in a classroom, video conference room, or even a courtroom, the document camera delivers interactive visual technology in a live presentation to a group of people. With the power of AI/ML being added to this solution, it can perform
  • Focus on Content
  • Image Enhancement & Analytics
  • Obstruction Removal
  • Perspective Correction
  • Recognize ROI

AI-based camera solutions offer multiple advantages, some of them are listed below:

  • Allow real-time capturing, recording and monitoring
  • Sending real-time alerts 
  • Perform real-time detection such face detection, motion detection, person detection, number plate detection, lane detection, drowsiness detection, phone usage, gazing, object detection etc
  • Provide more accurate information or data
  • Act as proof of evidence in case of any incident or accident 

How VVDN helps OEMs with AI-based camera solutions:

VVDN’s AI/ML expertise in the world of camera & vision delivers next-gen camera-based solutions with high-speed edge analytics and reduced power consumption to the customers and brings advanced AI/ML capabilities including deep learning, convolutional neural network (CNN) to address multiple tiers (high as well as mid-range) of smart cameras. VVDN’s vision business unit has invested in developing a wide range of AI/ML reusable frameworks and algorithms that can easily be customized as per the customer requirements and is capable of performing Object Detection, Object Tracking, Face Detection, Feature Matching, Distance Measurement, Head Tracking, Dizziness Detection, Lane Detection, etc. 

With all this, VVDN has successfully designed, developed, manufactured, and delivered best-in-class AI-based camera solutions such as security surveillance cameras, dash cams, video conferencing solutions for Tier 1 and Tier 2 OEMs.

To know further about VVDNs AI-based Camera Solutions please email us at info@vvdntech.com

Diksha Kochhar


Diksha Kochhar

Sr Executive (Marketing)