VVDN is one of the best players in the market with respect to Engineering services & Product design. It has the professional expertise to design, develop, simulate and test in RF Engineering space. The RF team comes with a rich background of Antenna and Array development for different beamforming technologies, getting maximum linearity from power amplifier at high power and overall expertise of end-to-end modeling for RF subsystems. This gives a unique edge towards 5G system development at both sub-6GHz and mmWave frequencies.

VVDN’s proficiency in RF Engineering include:
  • Development of Physical layer (High PHY + Low PHY) on various hardware options
  • RF designing capability for all kind of deployment scenarios for both FR1 and FR2 frequency range (<6GHz for FR1 and upto 60GHz for FR2)
  • In house mechanical design and manufacturing enables VVDN for quick design and turnaround time
  • Dedicated team of 30 RF Engineers
  • Fully equipped lab with RF circuit and Antenna design tools including Channel modulation for end to end 5G small cell and femtocell solution. Other equipment include VNA, Spectrum and Signal Analyzer, Anechoic Chamber, Vector Signal Generator etc. compatible upto 60GHz
What role is VVDN’s RF Engineering playing in the 5G space?

The team has extensive expertise of semiconductor developments for RFIC and MMIC for wireless applications and ability to enable development of full products for Macro RUs, SmallCells and FemtoCells with end to end capabilities including:

  1. Digital design
  2. RF Design
  3. Antenna Design
Range~ few KMs10 to 100 Meters <50 Meters
Power ConsumptionHigh typically >10 WMedium 1 W~5 WLow <100 mW
User CapacityApprox >200Approx 50 users in a small areaUpto 16 users
DeploymentOutdoor (Urban & Rural areas)Outdoor (Malls, supermarkets, Park,
Cafes & Stadium etc)Indoor (Network hotspot, Basements
& Subways etc.)
Indoor (Corporate Offices, etc)
Mounted OnTowersWalls or CeilingsWalls or Ceilings

All these cells come with a unique integration of Antenna and RF subsystems based on number of users, distance to cover, channel frequency, and Power consumption targets.

RF plays a vital role in wireless communication. While the range of signal transmission is based on the wavelength of propagation and modulation techniques, the quality of signal is determined by architecture choices and careful planning of Transmit and Receive channels.

VVDN’s expansion in RF technology can make a great impact on the 5G telecom sector. VVDN looks forward to serve your business needs and become a partner of choice for future innovation.

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Priyanka Pandita


Priyanka Pandita

Sr. Marketing Executive