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VVDN Technologies announces O-RAN Fronthaul IP for both the DU & RU 7-2x Split options

Apr 13, 2020
VVDN Technologies announces O-RAN Fronthaul IP for both the DU & RU 7-2x Split options

Gurugram, India, Apr 13, 2020 | VVDN Technologies announces its Fronthaul Solution based on the O-RAN 7-2x functional split option between gNB-DU and gNB-RU. The IP can support multiple fronthaul interfaces and each fronthaul can carry up to 8 Layers of uncompressed IQ samples, each of 100MHz bandwidth with SCS of 30 kHz over a 25G interface and it will be further focused on the following,

  • eCPRI IP Solution for O-RAN Transportation

  • IEEE 1588 PTP support block IP for Synchronization

  • Smart Interconnect for Packet classification and Quality of Service (QoS)

  • Support multiple compressions/de-compressions like Block floating-point (BFP) and modulation compression

  • Scalable Architecture


Mr. Joseph George, Vice President Business Unit (5G/Data-Centre) said, “We are potentially committed to growing in the 5G space and are trying to make the process seamless by addressing the diverse challenges with our focused engineering expertise”. When asked about the challenge this solution will address, He further added, “Open-Radio Access Network (O-RAN) will deliver truly open fronthaul interfaces, in which multi-vendor DU-RRU interoperability can be realized along with high throughput and very low latency”.

VVDN is taking a significant approach in the 5G space with its end-to-end software and hardware expertise. The ORAN Fronthaul IP in the 7-2x split option will help in interface simplicity, transport bandwidth scalability, interoperability, lower RU complexity, and function symmetry. Not only this, offloading the PHY function to gNB-DU will help to minimize the complexity and cost of RU, thus allowing a minimal change in the gNB-RU side due to the change in 3GPP specifications. It will also help to limit the electronics needed at the antenna site - this lowers the cost as cooling components will not be needed at the antenna site and the following sectors would be benefitted from the solution,

  • DU-RRU vendors

  • ISP Provider

  • 5G Telecom


About VVDN:

VVDN is a Product Engineering & Manufacturing company focused on designing & manufacturing end-to-end products across several technology verticals (5G & DC, Vision, Networking & Wi-Fi, IoT, Defense, Cloud & Apps). VVDN India HQ is located at Gurgaon, India and North America HQ is located at San Jose, CA, USA. VVDN serves global customers across several regions including North America, India, Europe, Vietnam, Japan, Canada, and Korea. VVDN's business model includes Product Engineering Services, ODM Services, and EMS services. VVDN Product Engineering Team Strength is 2500+ and VVDN Manufacturing Strength is 3000+ in staff. VVDN has 9 advanced Product Engineering Centers in India which are fully equipped to design & test the complete hardware & software required to develop a complete product or solution. VVDN Manufacturing facilities are located at Manesar, Gurgaon, India which includes in-house best-in-class SMT Factory, Molding & Tooling Factory, Product Assembly Factory, and Product Certifications labs. VVDN Engineering & Manufacturing facilities are fully complied to develop & manufacture Enterprise, Consumer, Industrial & Automotive grade products. 

For more information about VVDN, please write to us at or visit

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