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VVDN Reinvents Server Industry With The Launch Of Its New Open Communication Servers

VVDN Reinvents Server Industry With The Launch Of Its New Open Communication Servers Jan 20, 2016

San Jose,Calif, VVDN debuted its evolutionary communication server  that easily scales for growing business computing needs with unprecedented speed and performance, all built on an open server platform.  Equipped with unique capabilities for server farms, cloud and big data, these open servers allow multiple competitive options for standard based modules.

VVDN through launched the advanced and powerful open communication servers which come in 3 versions:

  • DT4CS
  • DT4CS-Scale Out
  • DT4CS-2U Storage

“Built on Freescale T4240 QorIQ technology, with up to 80G of external network connectivity, SRIO inter-chip connectivity and Onboard PCIe configured in x4 Gen3 mode makes these open servers most suitable for the latest communication requirements. Providing  an extraordinarily high performance per watt, these systems are built from the ground up to harness Big Data underscoring VVDN's singular commitment to providing higher-value, open technologies to OEMs.”, said Jothiganessan, Senior Technical Architect , VVDN Technologies.

These open server platforms focus on highly-scalable workloads including big data, large-scale analytics, molecular dynamics, and cloud storage. Performance is driven by Dual QorIQ T4240 communications processor with 24 virtual cores and upto 6 DIMM slots optimized for these workloads, very high speed connectivity, and advanced I/O capabilities. Adding to these high-performance features are integrated accelerators for storage, networking or security, intelligent platform management interface enabling best-in-class performance per watt. In addition, compatibility with open switch, open stack empowers these production ready build servers to provide outstanding value from the efficiency and flexibility perspective.

“Major shift in the IT Communications due to the evolution of big data and cloud placed heavy new demands on computing systems, and the tech industry’s traditional approach of moving to a new chip technology every couple of years is failing to keep up “, said Murali M , Senior Technical Architect, VVDN Technologies. “This is a truly disruptive advancement in high end-server technology which comes with full support of an open server eco-system that will flawlessly lead OEMs into the world of monstrous data volumes and complexity.”

A cornerstone of innovation, through open servers, VVDN has focussed on best in class performance and adaptability. Thus VVDN is inviting OEMs to innovate on the server platform, providing a catalyst for new innovation. For more details on these please visit

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