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VVDN Attends Microsoft’s IoT in Action Conference in Mumbai

VVDN Attends Microsoft’s IoT in Action Conference in Mumbai Jun 20, 2019
VVDN Attends Microsoft’s IoT in Action Conference in Mumbai

Mumbai, June 18th | VVDN recently participated in Microsoft’s ‘IoT in Action’ Conference in Mumbai. The conference was held by Microsoft to help deep dive into innovative, scalable IoT solutions that enable transformation across industries. The event focussed on the use of real-world examples to illustrate how a business can drive new IoT growth opportunities. It also focussed on how organizations around the world are building and securing the next generation of end-to-end solutions, and how a city is using Azure IoT solutions to embark on a digital transformation journey. These discussions opened new gateways of possibilities for IoT channel partners, businesses and individuals.

VVDN participated in the event as Microsoft’s official channel partner along with other IT service providers. The event was also open for business and technical leaders in search of more practical knowledge on IoT business transformation. Notable industry speakers addressed the gathering on IoT and its future capabilities.

VVDN as Microsoft’s official channel partner participated as an exhibitor and showcased its cloud-managed IoT solutions in the event and received an overwhelming response from the attendees. The spotlight from the wide range of display was swept away by its impeccable solutions in Smart Cameras, Smart Trackers and Fleet Management Systems. VVDN showcased its capabilities on Azure as well as AI, ML, and Analytics. VVDN’s team was interviewed by Microsoft and they discussed the progressive indulgence of IoT in our day to day lives and how businesses could manifest the current market needs. VVDN’s design to manufacturing capabilities and scope of tackling concerns with guided Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions were an ace on the display deck.

VVDN’s team also discussed its rich experience of over 12 years in the Cloud segment and how it helped its customers to build solutions which are creatively innovative, conceptualized and designed from the basic needs of the market. During the interview, the team revealed that VVDN’s product development revolves around genuine case studies and areas that help tackle critical societal problems. Interviewers from Microsoft were awestruck to learn about VVDN’s progress with IoT and how the organization had made a unique and stable place for itself in the industry with original design and manufacturing.

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