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VVDN Technologies at Xilinx Aerospace and Defense Summit

VVDN Technologies at Xilinx Aerospace and Defense Summit Dec 19, 2018
VVDN Technologies at Xilinx Aerospace and Defense Summit

Bangalore, India – VVDN had a successful participation in Xilinx India A&D Summit, which took place in Bangalore, India on 11th December 2018 at The Leela Palace, Bangalore. A large community of Aerospace & Defense companies attended the event, with participants from across the country. It was the flagship event to introduce breakthrough technologies for Aerospace & Defense (RFSoC, Radar, EW, Machine Learning in Defense Applications, latest FPGA tools & products).

VVDN Technologies has proven record in designing, developing and manufacturing solutions and products that drive standards. Following the same trail, VVDN team showcased some of the breakthrough solutions based on Xilinx (the leading provider of programmable products) platform. This included High-performance Network Function Virtualization (NFV) solution

Built on the most sought-after Virtex UltraScale+ class of devices for high-end applications, the new High-speed Network Accelerator for crypto is for offloading the TCP stack and cryptographic algorithm. This package includes necessary low-level drivers and communication interfaces between the OpenSSL and the VCU1525. The solution highlights capabilities that enable rapid acceleration of NFV applications by offloading CPU intensive tasks such as packet classification and crypto functions to the onboard FPGA.

Camera Solutions using Xiling FPGAs
Imaging resolutions and frame rates are increasing beyond HD and 60 frames per second and wider dynamic range support is required. Hence it is essential to perform real-time image and video processing within space-constrained designs of cameras. In addition, new capabilities such as video analytics and metadata acquisition to enable efficient workflows and monetize content are complicating the system further. VVDN team has worked on Xilinx chipsets such as Spartan 6, Kintex 7 to design and develop cameras to use HDMI interface in FPGA to extract the video data and pack the same in serial MIPI protocol.

“Datacenters and servers are changing dramatically to enable faster, more flexible and more operational efficient systems. The industry is gravitated toward virtualization to cope with the increasing pressures of megabit costs,” said Mr. Raghavendra B. Director sales. “VVDN and Xilinx partnership runs deep. Both VVDN and Xilinx with its NFV solution took a significant leap forward for datacenters who continue to be challenged to improve CPU performance. The camera solutions were also the stellar performers in the image processing industry. The event was a monumental success with immense interest in our solution offerings as a "Concept to Commission Company.”
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