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Google approves VVDN’s Argon i.mx6UL as Certified Android Things Development Board

Apr 12, 2017
Google approves VVDN’s Argon i.mx6UL as Certified Android Things Development Board

San Jose, US: Google officially approved and listed VVDN’s Argon i.mx6UL SOM and Developer kit on their Android Things website. Google launched its new IoT platform “Android Things” to help build connected devices for a wide variety of consumer, retail and industrial applications. VVDN’s Argon i.mx6UL- a combination of NXP hardware (i.mx6UL) and Google Android software (Android Things) - brings a cost effective, feature-rich functionality to IoT developers, makers and OEMs and accelerates the faster development of affordable, connected, Android-based IoT devices.

Being a premier ODM for cloud managed services, VVDN has had always focused on coming up with solutions and products that accelerate product development and help companies better predict development costs. Argon i.MX 6UL is a purpose-built, small footprint hardware development platform equipped with a wide array of high-speed connectivity to support the development of IoT endpoints such as locks, fire alarms, lights, plugs, sensors and many more. It aims to spur the proliferation of affordable products with Google managed security for developing IOT products.

“With the availability of certified Argon i.mx6UL, we have taken IoT product development to a whole new level of ease and acceleration. We are excited to play such a pivotal role in making the jobs of IoT device manufacturers and software developers easier”, said Girija Vedi, Director Marketing. She further added “The faster and more cost-effective it becomes to build IoT products, the more innovation we will see across the IoT market.”

With Google approving the product, Argon i.mx6UL is readily available on ArgonBoards Website. Users have the option to buy the entire kit or SOM individually to make their own custom base board to finish system design. For more information on the product details as well as placing the order please visit

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