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Networking & Wireless Networking & Wireless


Delivering Customer-Centric Automotive Solutions for the Smart Era

Machine Vision | ADAS Algorithms
Sensor Integration | Image Tuning
AI/ML Expertise | Video Analytics


Innovative, disruptive and emerging technologies in the automotive industry leads to a greater transformation in the automotive space. Rather than moving vehicles automotive industry is more about telematics, intelligence, driver assistance, audio/video analytics, smartness, efficient eco-systems, etc. With the demanding and revolutionary automotive applications, VVDN is leading the automotive industry with vast designing and development expertise and rich experience in the automotive space. VVDN’s unique ability to integrate a broad range of capabilities like AI/ML algorithms development on the edge, ADAS development, V2X (vehicle to everything) development, Connected cars, Video analytics, etc. help your customers with next-gen automotive solutions.

Our Expertise

Lower cost to design | Scalable production facility | Faster time to market

Engineering Design Expertise


  • RF and Wireless Designs
  • High Speed Digital Designs
  • Low Power Designs
  • Functional Safety Design
  • V2X Hardware Development
Wireless Expertise


  • Camera Sensor Interface
  • Multiple Sensor Integration
  • Lens Selection & Optimization
  • Low Light & Night Vision
  • Lower Power Video
    Camera Design
IoT Cloud & Apps Development Expertise


  • ASIL Compliance
  • Firmware & BSP Drivers
  • OS – Linux/Android/
    RTOS/Bare Metal
  • MISRA C Compliant
    Coding Standards
Sensors Expertise

AI/ML Expertise

  • AI/ML on the Edge
  • Image Processing
  • 360° & Panoramic
    Video Stitching
  • Object Detection,
    Lane Detection
  • ADAS
AI & Analytics Expertise

Testing & Certification

  • Software Quality Testing
  • Imaging Quality testing
  • Product Stability &
    Performance Testing
  • Sensor Tuning Testing
  • Certifications
Manufacturing / Mechanical Expertise


  • Industrial Design
  • Detailed Design &
    3D Modelling
  • Tooling & Mold Making
  • Mass Production

Key Solutions

Having the right balance between hardware, software and the emerging auto ecosystem is VVDN’s competitive advantage of providing innovative and advanced automotive solutions with the Integration of new technologies.

Driver Monitoring Solution

VVDN has rich experience in fleet management systems which is powered by cutting edge technology solutions to create a new safe driving standard for commercial vehicles.

  • 4 Sensors /
    2 Sensors
  • Cloud Connectivity
  • Video Analytics

Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Autonomous vehicles are one of the most talked-about technologies in today’s automotive space. Discover how VVDN is building the evolving Advanced Driver Assistance System for the future era of the self-driving cars.

  • Lane Detection
  • Collision Detection
  • Traffic Analysis


Integrated infotainment systems are needed for today’s luxurious, safe, and smart vehicles. Our rich silicon expertise helps integrate advanced infotainment processors giving high performance with HD displays & high resolution with low power consumption.

  • In-Vehicle Infotainment
  • Bike Cluster

Connected Cars

In the field of connectivity and autonomous driving, VVDN is delivering competencies in the next-gen technological solutions like connected cars, vehicle to everything (V2X), vehicle connectivity, etc. for enhanced in-vehicle experience.

  • V2X
  • Vehicle to Vehicle Communication
  • Car Router

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