Problem Statement

The Covid-19 pandemic created an urgency to develop and deploy solutions such as Thermal cameras for mass fever detection at public places to mitigate the spread of the virus. Hence, there was a need for a vendor with rich capabilities in camera design, calibration, system integration along with AI capabilities.

Customer Requirements

One of the customers wanted to design and develop a high end AI- driven thermal camera that can be placed at the entry of public places such as offices, malls, airports etc. for mass fever detection, detecting sick and infectious people and other use cases such as social distancing, mask detection, etc.

Key Challenges

Selection of optical Camera: Achieving HDR feature (>100Db) with 1080p/ 4K image sensor.
Selection of IR cut filter and narrow FOV lens.

Selection of Thermal Camera: The selection of camera bridge was challenging, hence VVDN used crosslink FPGA to convert 14 bits CMOP to MIPI-CSI interface.

Selection of Audio DSP: Hardware complexity (placement of mic, angle of arrival, reduction of noise) for different applications.

Software: Creating the APIs for various thermal camera parameters.
Integration of all the modules (Thermal camera, Optical camera, audio DSP, SSD, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE, Display port, Type C power delivery, USB hub, POE, etc.)

Solution Proposed By VVDN

Taking the requirement from the customer, VVDN designed, developed and manufactured the thermal camera that can be used for high-accuracy, high-throughput, AI-driven mass fever detection systems. With an ultra-high definition optical imager, as well as its high-accuracy radiometric thermal imager, the camera can measure body temperature with high accuracy. The camera developed by VVDN has a supercomputer-grade AI Accelerator as well as different sensors that can also be used to run advanced AI-driven detection such as detecting people coughing, sneezing, etc depending on the use case and requirements. VVDN also developed one blackbody calibrator that can be paired with the camera simply via bluetooth or ethernet for highest precision and measurement accuracy.

How it works?

The cameras have connectivity through ethernet,LTE/4G,and Wi-Fi. As the subject walks through the screening area, the camera captures the temperature and indicates the difference between the subject’s and the black body’s predetermined temperature. If the high fever is detected, the camera sends the notification over the cloud and management console to take necessary action.

Key Features of the Solution Proposed

Edge AI


Ethernet, LTE/4G, Wi-Fi, 5G ready

Cloud based system


Thermometer sensor, Hygrometer sensor, Magnetometer sensor

Easy onboarding and setup

Local and cloud video & data recording

Customer Benefit

The AI thermal camera developed and manufactured by VVDN helped the customer to deploy fever detection systems at different places to mitigate the spread of pandemic. The camera can also be used in a wide range of applications depending on the use case and requirement to enrich AI benefit. VVDN addresses the OEMs concern for a fully reliable thermal camera with its extensive engineering and manufacturing capabilities. VVDN helps OEMs with design and development of effective and accurate thermal camera solutions powered with AI and Deep Learning in a FASTER TIME TO MARKET.

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