Customer Requirements

As the Internet of Things (IoT) expands, One of the leading OEMs wanted to develop an IoT gateway to connect legacy IP cameras and CCTV surveillance systems into AI driven connected cameras to enrich analytics and enable video intelligence at the edge.

Key Challenges Faced by the Customer

  • Integration of multiple features like SSD, POE, USB hub, LTE, DISPLAY PORT etc.
  • Complex 8 Layer PCB.
  • Designing the Hardware considering Thermal Simulation, SI and PI.
  • Creating the APIs for various thermal camera parameters.
  • Integration of all the modules ( SSD, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE, Display port, Type C power delivery, USB hub, POE, etc.)

Solution Proposed By VVDN

Taking the requirement of the customer, VVDN leveraged its experience in Internet of Things (IoT) and developed a smart AI gateway based on the Nvidia platform to support edge analytics seamlessly. The gateway is cloud connectable and can be connected directly to the internet through Wi-Fi, LTE & 5G ready to access the console that provides health parameters and overview of the whole camera network. The modular design edge AI gateway is DIN rail mountable as well as made ruggedized to operate in harsh environments and deployable in wide range of applications such as transportation, retail, logistics and more.

Key Features of the Solution Proposed

Edge AI


Easy Installation

Cloud Connectable

Customer Benefit

Deployment of Edge AI gateway helped the OEM to connect legacy IP cameras to AI-driven, connected camera networks without replacing the existing infrastructure ultimately saving the cost and effort involved. The gateway can capture the useful insights and do edge analytics for better decision making in a wide range of applications.

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