Customer Requirements

One of our clients, a top-tier Japanese OEM in the consumer appliance space, approached VVDN with their requirement to transform their existing product i.e water heater into a smart one. The requirement was to make the product smart and connected to provide on demand water heating.

Key Challenges Faced by the Customer

The customer was looking for a partner who could provide the complete end-to-end solution under one roof and shall have good experience on complete product design, hardware, software and mobile applications.

Solution Proposed By VVDN

The solution proposed by VVDN comprised of a smart tablet, wireless charger, and mobile application to control the water heater. The tablet designed and developed was based on the Qualcomm SoC that came up with a processing speed of 1.1GHz to provide multimedia capabilities to the tablet. The tablet was equipped with Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n connectivity that supported a spectral band of 2.4GHz. Enabled with BLE 4.0, the tablet could seamlessly connect with the charging case. A high-resolution TFT display with excellent brightness rendered high-quality images. The entire system was controlled by a wireless charging case that was based on a BLE SoC. When the tablet and charging case were linked, the tablet would send control information to the charging case via an app over the BLE network. The charger case was further connected to the water heater via cables for uninterrupted connectivity making it smart and to control it via an application.

Key Features of the Solution Proposed


VVDN developed various display drivers that enhanced the tablet's display capabilities. A 7” 1024 X 600 TFT display provided excellent resolution and brightness

Touch Screen

A durable Capacitive touch screen allowed for a wide range of user interactions


1 GB LPDDR3 RAM allowed running multiple applications simultaneously without affecting the overall efficiency of the tablet.

RF/Wireless Connectivity

The Tablet was equipped with Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n, which supported 2.4GHz bandwidth. BLE 4.0 enabled communication between tablet and boiler through wireless charging case.


With a long battery life of 4000mAH, the tablet could function for approx. 6hr 30 mins with e-reading via Wi-Fi enabled.

Wireless Charging:

QI Wireless Charging Technology enabled the power supply without the use of external connectors.


A customized and durable mechanical was developed to support the deployment of the system in varied environmental conditions. The entire system was IP67/68 rated to protect it from dust and moisture


Mobile application with various functions to control the water heater.

Customer Benefits

VVDN has years of experience in product development and in-house expertise for design, development, validation, mass manufacturing, and cloud & applications. VVDN helped the OEM deliver a robust end-to-end solution within defined timelines that enabled the customer to achieve faster time to market.

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