Customer Requirements

One of our clients, a top-tier OEM in the United States, wanted to upgrade their Building Management System, a system of a Central Unit, Sensor Manager, and various Sensors, to a technically advanced version, aiming for smart building, without affecting the overall infrastructure. The upgraded version would ensure auto controlled environmental conditions, improved energy efficiency, and enhanced comfort and security.

Key Challenges Faced by the Customer

Hardware Optimization: To upgrade the existing Hardware with new tech, without affecting the overall framework of the system

Data Management and Security: The entire premise articulates on detecting, collecting data from multiple sensors, and applying analysis that’s used to improve the workplace. With the huge amount of data Collected there are increased concerns of data storage, data breaches, and data security

Integration of IoT Devices with the Data Platform: Ingestion of the real-time data received from the IoT devices with the data platform, to obtain clean datasets ready for immediate use