VVDN excels in providing comprehensive product engineering services for connected car systems, with a strong focus on telematics and automotive cloud solutions. Our expertise spans the development of cutting-edge hardware and software components, ensuring seamless connectivity and data exchange between vehicles and the cloud. With our services in connected car systems, vehicles are equipped with real-time communication, remote diagnostics, and over-the-air updates, while our automotive cloud services enable secure data storage, analytics, and enhanced vehicle-to-cloud communication.

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VVDN is a leading provider of product engineering and manufacturing services for Telematics solutions. Our expertise includes real-time data monitoring, diagnostics, and remote communication, ushering in cutting-edge vehicle connectivity and efficient fleet management. We offer a range of connectivity options, including LTE CAT1, CAT4, CAT6, and 5G, ensuring seamless connectivity for our clients. With end-to-end design, development, and manufacturing capabilities, VVDN delivers cutting-edge Telematics solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers.

Intelligent Cloud Engine (ICE)

VVDN introduces the Intelligent Cloud Engine, a secure and scalable cloud platform designed to accelerate time-to-market and optimize business value. Our cloud services encompass telematics cloud for real-time data management and analytics, EV cloud for electric vehicle-specific services, and video cloud for driver recording and fleet management. With our expertise in cloud technologies, we enable seamless connectivity and data exchange, empowering OEMs to deliver innovative and intelligent connected car experiences to their customers.

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