ISG Provider Lens: Internet of Things –
IoT Consulting and Services

The ISG Provider Lens Quadrant report lays out information on strengths, challenges and competitive differentiators of leading service providers serving as the ultimate buyer’s guide for enterprises.

The growing relevance of seamless connectivity, machine learning, AI, among other technological developments, and their integration across several IoT applications has been on the rise lately. Enterprises in the U.S are embracing the IoT as a part of their digital transformation initiatives. Along with service providers, they are connecting and deploying an increasing number and variety of IoT devices in corporate networks.

In this quadrant report, ISG defines the current market positioning of providers of IoT consulting services in U.S, and how they address the key challenges faced by enterprises in the country.

VVDN has been recognized as a Product Challenger among 24 providers by ISG in their Internet of Things - Services and Solutions report.

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