VVDN’s O-RAN IP or FrontHaul IP is a high performance, highly configurable IP interfacing 10/25/40G Ethernet IP (3rd Party) on the SFP side which is ideal for 7.2x Split O-RAN solutions and the IP is customizable for both Distributed Units (DUs) and Radio Units (RUs) with a rich feature set.

The FHIP is a packet-based transport that uses the eCPRI protocol to exchange the data between the DU and the RU which mainly carries the frequency domain digital IQ samples (U-plane) in both DL and UL directions, along with the C-plane and S-plane for synchronization (PTP). It also supports OAM via M-plane packets.

On the RU side the FHIP interfaces with VVDNs LowPHY IP on the user-side (towards the Antenna) and similarly QDMA based PCIe x8 Gen3 on the DU side of FHIP, that is towards the Core. The FHIP supports both compressed and uncompressed data.

Available ORAN Fronthaul IPs

Fronthaul IP for the DU

IP bundled with VVDN ADYA Telco NIC for Fronthaul termination

The primary purpose is to Offload Fronthaul along with L1 Offload

Fronthaul IP for the RU

It supports 7-2x split up and supports different IQ sample width

Supports NR 30KHz, 15KHz and LTE 15 KHz

Supports different bandwidths 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 MHz

Support Block Floating Point compression (field-tested) and decompression

Supports Long PRACH and short PRACH

Tx window control for CU-Plane data

Rx window estimation and delaying on software control

Separate packet counters for UL/DL C-U plane and software support for M-plane traffic

Late and early packet estimation and packet drop support

No limitation on the number of layers supported and it is easily scalable

Implements are mandatory counters

Support for jumbo frames and small packets up to 16 bytes

DPDK Based API for transferring IQ sampled to and from host

Easily scalable architecture to support multiple Fronthaul interfaces


VVDN with its integrated capabilities offers CUSTOMIZATION & SUPPORT to different market segments & adds value proposition to their solution

System Integrators

Flexible hardware implementations that allow scalable, cost-effective solutions

Engineering Services Companies

End to End support from Software to hardware expertise

Infrastructure Focused Companies

Scalable Architecture with multiple options

Test & Measurement Companies

Interface simplicity, transport bandwidth scalability, interoperability and function symmetry.

Server Vendors

Enables your off-the-shelf hardware to be transformed into 5G processing units

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