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Feeling pressure to move to the cloud? Simply migrating to the cloud does not really transform your digital ecosystem. It is crucial to streamline the cloud operation services to get improved productivity, efficiency, and growth.

VVDN Technologies is the trusted partner to optimize the desired performance and manage your cloud operations. Our premium cloud operation services offer complete management of your cloud environment to maintain the highest level of functionalities and availability. Our highly agile operation expertise enables continuous integration & development and monitors cloud services to ensure availability, ease of use, stability, and reliability.

Our Expertise

VVDN's enhanced team collaboration provides faster business value in an integrated way to be lean, agile, scalable and capable of responding to changing market scenarios for business development and improved productivity.

Our DevOps Services Ensure

Maintaining continuous uptime in production

Continuous system and software upgrades

Continuous cost analysis and optimization

Integration of latest tools and technologies for better performance

In the era of advancing technologies, it becomes imperative that organizations go for the comprehensive security approach. VVDN's adaptable and agile SecOps team ensures end to end services in security operations.

Our SecOps Team Ensures

Constant library and package upgrades to curb vulnerabilities

Bi-weekly OS patching and quarterly upgrades

Continuous scanning of container, servers, public cloud service account

Integration of latest tools and technologies for enhanced security

Static and dynamic code analysis for all applications on every build and release

VVDN enables businesses to adopt agile software delivery methodology like continuous integration, continuous delivery for improved productivity, building automation and stability.

Our CI/CD Development Services Ensure

Setting up of pipelines for continuous code integration and deployment on every check

Safeguarding production releases by implementing multiple checks before release

Continuous testing of each module

Build a promotion strategy

Storing artifacts in a centralized location like artifactory

VVDN cloud managed services network operating expertise supervise, monitor, manage and maintain client’s network. Our standard support coverage includes gold, silver, bronze and custom services to fit the client’s requirement.

Our NOC Managed Services Encompass

Event monitoring and management

Performance management

Capacity management

Incident management

Problem management

Predictive analysis to foresee upcoming outages

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