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Visit VVDN at VMworld 2019, US

Technologies like AI / ML, 5G are current buzzword in digital world. With engineering legacy along strong focus on next generation Digital technologies, experience in working on AI/ML and Analytics (Data and Video) on edge as well as cloud, end-end security, VVDN brings technology advancement expertise to world. We have significant expertise in developing embedded systems and embedded software based on FPGA technology. Our Acceleration cards are great fit for different applications, from driver development to data processing acceleration.

This year VVDN is going to showcase 5G, Acceleration Solutions, OVS, SSL, Datacenter & Cloud Capabilities in VMWorld 2019, US.

Come and Meet us at Booth No. 561, to know more about our network and datacenter acceleration solutions.

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  • OvS & SSL
  • Video Transcoding
  • 5G Backhaul, Fronthaul
  • VVDN Cloud


In VMworld 2019, you will witness a solution which allows Virtual Machines (VM) to communicate with each other and with the outside world. This solution increases your CPU performance and prevents fully utilizing available bandwidth.

Our Network Accelerator cards for crypto is ideal for offloading the TCP Stack and Cryptographic algorithms. The network communication imposes overhead on the processor, which handles workload computing tasks. This processing overhead free the CPU from overhead networking tasks and increases when data centers adopt high-bandwidth. To know more meet us at the booth.

Video Transcoding

Real-Time Adaptive Bitrate Video Transcoding Video service providers are faced with the challenge of simultaneously managing infrastructure and improving customer Quality of Experience. These challenges have prompted the need for adaptable hardware acceleration. Challenges like managing bandwidth with guaranteeing effective video distribution by utilizing next- generation compression standards and Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streaming protocols, a solution is build that would supply the necessary performance without requiring customers to significantly alter their existing infrastructure. We are delivering an accelerated real-time H.264 to HEVC or VP9 ABR transcoder.

5G Backhaul, Fronthaul

The 5G technology is to address the requirement of gigabit data rate, ultra-low latency, massive connectivity and coverage. As with 4G and 3G before it, the range of technologies required for 5G requires the backbone for deployment and testing. VVDN’s 5G Capabilities include Base-stations 5G Backhaul and Fronthaul, 5G L1 Processing. We have hands on experience in handling all the network interfaces such as 10G, 25G, 40G, 100G which can be utilized to defining a backhaul.

VVDN Cloud

We will showcasing our expertise on fully managed IoT Cloud Platform with capabilities for Device Configuration, Secure Connectivity, Audio/Video Streaming, Data Storage. VVDN’s IoT Cloud Architecture is secure and scalable, provides end to end cloud security from edge to core. We build, run and manage all cloud applications. Experience on multiple Cloud Platforms including Microsoft Azure, AWS & Google Cloud. Deep expertise on latest tools and skillsets that helps in managing complex environment at scale and keep engineers in control of high velocity that is enabled by DevOps with continuous delivery, Test Automation, Service Virtualisation, SCM and Development.