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With the increase in demand for streaming video, companies are migrating towards the cloud to create an edge over the competition and looking for solutions that can help them with reduced time to market. VVDN has expertise in building video cloud solutions for a variety of use cases. Our team has developed multiple video cloud frameworks, assets, and services that can be reused to quickly build, integrate and deploy video cloud for OEMs who are looking for a streaming cloud solution. Our rich portfolio of building blocks helps customers with lesser time to market, and accelerating development time.

With a team of professionally certified cloud professionals and strong expertise in device-side APIs, our team is capable of developing customized and flexible streaming solutions by providing continuous development with the latest technologies and effectively providing solutions that are

Infrastructure and Platform agnostic
Multitenant cloud-based solution
Microservices based architecture & Kubernetes implementation
Advanced video analytics
Interactive dashboards
24*7 cloud monitoring and maintenance after deployment

VVDN’s video solution is based on a scalable and secure architecture that can be delivered for multiple applications and serve a variety of use cases. Building blocks are engineered to accelerate deployment for companies in security and surveillance, event & news broadcasting, video conferencing, driver monitoring system, smart retail, and smart city. Our reusable frameworks help OEMs build their cloud platform to fastrack product roadmap by rapidly adopting new technologies.


With a rich portfolio of video reusable frameworks across device layer, data layer, security, server-side APIs, and presentation layer, we help OEMs accelerate innovation with the latest technologies

Device Layer

The device layer supports fully managed service functionality such as device management, device monitoring, device maintenance, device authentication, MQTT and HTTP based secure communication protocol, customized device search protocol wrappers for easy solution deployment.

Data Layer

In the data layer, we have building blocks and highly customizable frameworks for data security, data stream management including FFMPEG framework, customized VLC kit for streaming with 4K and 360° video support, customized SIP, and WebRTC SDKs for all platforms, analytics configuration, monitoring, and alert notifications.


Our highly customizable frameworks in services include video transcoding, on-demand video, Identity management, User and Role-based console, cloud subscription model based on storage size & streaming solution, security control for networks, infrastructure, and endpoint devices that can be used as per specific business requirements.

Server-side APIs

We have a wide variety of APIs for device integration, device management, user management, data APIs, video and audio APIs, admin APIs that can be customized as per requirement.

Security Layer

We implement different security standards including data security with AES-256 encryption, data transport security, SSL certificates & signed keys, multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, infrastructure & network security, public IP protection, and secure coding practices.

Presentation Layer

We develop custom OEM Dashboard with all the statistics and reports for devices of multiple tenants to improve application flow and functionality.

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