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As the need to access data in real-time from network devices arises with guaranteed uptime, Network equipment manufacturers are migrating to cloud-based solutions. VVDN’s set of frameworks, assets, and services can be reused to quickly build, integrate and deploy cloud for OEMs who are looking for a cloud solution for their network devices. Our rich portfolio of building blocks helps customers with reduced time to market, remote management, configuration, and debugging of network devices

With a team of professionally certified cloud professionals and strong expertise in device and cloud communication, our experts are capable of developing simple, more dynamic, and customized architecture by providing continuous development with the latest technologies and effectively providing solutions that are

Infrastructure Agnostic (On-Prem/Public cloud)
Platform Agnostic (AWS/Azure/GCP)
Multitenant cloud-based solution
Microservices based architecture
Autoscaling using Kubernetes
FCAPS Implementation

VVDN’s networking solution is based on a scalable and secure architecture that can be delivered for multiple applications and serve a variety of use cases. Having rich expertise in implementing Network Management System, the solution can be deployed with rich feature enablement including

  • Easy onboarding and discovery of network devices
  • Full control & Visibility of Network
  • Remote management of Network devices
  • Remote configuration
  • Debugging of network devices
  • AI/ML intelligence built into the cloud for actionable insights


With a rich portfolio of networking and wireless reusable frameworks, we help OEMs fastrack product roadmap and rapidly adopt new technologies as per business objectives

Device discovery and onboarding with various protocol

Detect any new device or an already configured device in the network via different discovery protocols like UPnP, UDP, MDNS BLE, Bonjour, and Device onboarding through QR/Barcode scanning and manual options.

Access control

Allows to set up parent and kid profiles so that internet management on kids-connected devices can be done.

Remote Network configuration management

Remote Network configuration management framework for device connection, monitoring, configuration, and management.

Network Topology & troubleshooting framework

The topology solution is to help end customers to get visibility of their network or devices and make it easier for troubleshooting. It also provides a holistic view for users to quickly drill down to areas that need further troubleshooting or configuration modification.

Alerts and Notifications

Instant alert/notification for any activity in your network.

Connected Client Information

Provide granular details of the connected wireless clients i.e. roaming history, authentication status, IP, mac, band, traffic utilization, etc.

Reporting and Dashboards

Various reports and visual dashboards for network status and activities.

Backup & restore

This framework helps customers to take the backup of the network and device configurations so the user can restore at any point of time in case of any failure in the network or device.

Firmware upgrade

Scheduled and manual firmware upgrade frameworks help customers to keep their devices up to date with the latest updates and secure with the latest security patches.

Captive Portal

It is a framework that blocks clients from accessing the network until user verification has been established.

Wireless WAN

Wireless WAN would enable network admin to connect one or more site to the site designated as the head office.

Mesh topology

Mesh uses a WDS protocol to establish the wireless connection between two devices usually called out as ROOT and Extender.




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