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VVDN's Cloud Security practices, frameworks, tools, and experience lets our customers use the Cloud environment without the fear of any security threat. We are committed to help businesses mitigate cybersecurity risks and help them across the realms of cloud security practices. We assess the current and planned adoption of cloud computing, advise and implement across various points of cloud security and ensure the security of cloud-based operations.

VVDN has a strong Security Operations (SecOps) Team with nuanced understanding of cloud security control operations. VVDN’s experience and proven methodologies help businesses manage Cloud Security, Managed Security Device Management, and Security Platform. From safeguarding all types of cloud infrastructure including Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud environments to applications, data, networks, and edge devices, VVDN SecOps Team provides end-to-end security. Our SecOps expertise is capable of performing penetration testing, security testing, and cybersecurity and ethical hacking. The team handles Security regulations like PCI DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR.

VVDN’s SecOps team uses a mix of open-source tools to homegrown solutions-Arista for identifying vulnerabilities and a strong and proven DevOps team fix the solution thereby ensuring a robust cloud platform to the customers.

VVDN Cloud Security Capabilities

Security Strategy
& Governance


VVDN’s strategy and governance services support transition to be secure and vigilance in line with that of organizations by performing Security patching i.e Rapid 7, CMS, Qualys on libraries and packages, and safeguarding the data from break-in attempts. We use our homegrown security governance tool-ariSta which helps to strategize and configure different security tools under one umbrella and provides the capability to track, manage and generate reports including visual dashboard.

Identity &


Our SecOps Team tracks who the user is and what they are allowed to do, and authorize users to use the data and deny access to unauthorized users. Team implements Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to validate the user's identity and Single Sign On (SSO) to manage privileged access.



VVDN ensures the Company’s data is protected irrespective the data is in motion or rested, handled by the company internally or by any third-party. We implement GDPR compliance for customers and end-users by ensuring self-hosted, self-managed, zero on-premise infrastructure, Data protection, portability, and residing customer’s PII data in the EU.



Our Team ensures the Applications are secure by finding vulnerabilities like cross-site scripting(XSS), SQL injections, Remote File Inclusion, Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF) and fixing the vulnerabilities using different security vulnerabilities scans, static, dynamic scans Application shielding, and following security practice with the help of tools like Sonarqube and enhancing the security of applications.

Infrastructure &
Network Security


VVDN ensures the security of network connectivity, communication, operation, and management against various attacks including denial of service, malware, spams using DDoS protection, Web Application Firewall (WAF), Bot filtering, Nmap NSE and Bad Bot filtering.

Cloud Vigilance
& Resilience


We monitor emerging threats, vulnerabilities, anomalies in business processes, applications, and risk-related disruptions using different tools like BurpSuite and Scoutsuite.

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