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Cloud is the foundation for higher agility and therefore organizations are moving quickly to keep pace with the transformation. It becomes extremely necessary for organizations to have a comprehensive cloud strategy. We understand the essentiality and focus on providing tailored cloud services as per the company’s business need. VVDN cloud engineering services help customers transform applications, business processes, and infrastructure management. Our cloud practices, along with the portfolio of cloud offerings ranging from cloud development to cloud managed services empowers its clients with deep domain knowledge, highly skilled expertise to assess the existing technology and transform to derive maximum benefits of the Cloud. In the era with billions and billions of devices interconnected, VVDN ensures cloud scalability, higher agility, and elasticity to help companies unleash innovation and business value.

Explore VVDN Cloud Service Offerings

Cloud-Native Development

VVDN helps transform non-integrated legacy solutions into a consolidated cloud-based solution that can be easily deployed, adapted and upgraded. Our cloud-native technologies include expertise in message queue, NoSQL, microservices, and many more.

Cloud Application Development

VVDN helps businesses accelerate time to market using cloud application development capabilities and the latest technologies. Also, we have several IPs and reusable frameworks that help in delivering highly customized application services to improve business value.

Cloud Migration

Looking to migrate workloads to a new cloud platform? VVDN cloud expertise assesses the business needs and commends the best-suited strategy to deliver reliable, scalable and enhanced secured platforms using various migration tools and methods.

Cloud Security

Protect your business and build security into data, application, infrastructure, and network with VVDN cloud security and compliance framework, tools, and experience.

Cloud Operation

VVDN’s premium cloud operations team ensures the customer’s cloud is ready with our DevOps, CI/CD, and NOC operations. We offer complete management of the cloud environment to maintain the highest level of functionalities and availability.

Cloud Infrastructure and Implementation

VVDN is a leading Integrator to work on private, public, hybrid cloud and established partners with major cloud providers i.e. AWS, Azure, and GCP which helps us design, deploy and maintain tailored-made cloud-ready Infrastructure. Our Architecture expertise includes Microservices, Serverless to Containerized systems based on Docker and Kubernetes.

Cloud Analytics

VVDN analyst is proficient with data analytics, video analytics and AI/ML on the cloud to help extract information from massive data for data preparation. Our experts have a stronghold on reporting, visualization and a custom based dashboard that is easily categorized and readily available via a web browser/mobile application.

Edge Computing

Leverage computing closer to the source of data instead of in a centralized data processing to improve response time, minimize data threats and better bandwidth availability.

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