Lot of BUZZ is there around “SDN” and this is further accentuated with the fact that SDN dominated Interop 2013.
Software Defined Networking has come out as the “emerging” technology which helps networks keep up with the speed of change made possible by the virtualization of other data center resources and provide the perfect complement to cloud computing. With industry giants like Cisco, Vmware, HP, Broadcom, etc. going frenzy with SDN, it becomes extremely crucial for engineers to understand and implement this technology.

Despite being a promising solution to various operating cost and efficiency issues, it is taking a long time to adapt SDN. It is still not a mature technology and we are missing use cases

Amidst all these hiccups ONF has come up with OpenFlow- which is a new protocol that creates a simple, centralized control plane for the network. An OpenFlow controller can manage a distributed set of network as a single virtual network. As most OpenFlow controllers expose an API to applications, the controller and applications together behave as a unified Network OS, allowing a network operator to implement a Software Defined Network (SDN).

At VVDN we help organizations effectively leverage SDN to improve application performance as we have the requisite competency to implement SDN using open flow approach.
Our highly competent team can help you easily:

• Add Open Virtual Switch stack
• Implement Open Flow at “Kernel” level to improve the performance
• Add support for open flow rules at L2 level.
• Easy porting of OVS on QorIQ P5/P4 family

SDN and open flow being the best bet in the current scenario, VVDN can help you deploy it in an effective way.For services on SDN implementation please write to us at info@vvdntech.com

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