The appetite for adventure has no limits or boundaries today. People today have active lifestyles and they want to explore and capture every moment. Whether it is snorkeling, swimming, kayaking or any other sport, adventure seekers want to document their experiences with pictures or video. As creative individuals, people love the option of capturing their ideas on the fly, and never miss an opportunity to capture a moment. The individuals today would never want to miss a shot. But places like beach, pool, ski slope or any other exotic climb are just too risky for your DSLR, normal digital camera or even your smartphone. What folks require is a Video Camera which is rugged, durable and easily portable.

To satisfy the hunger of these creative adventurous people, embedded technology introduced “Point Of View Camera”. These POV cameras attach to helmets, skis, bikes, boards, car hoods, bodies, and pets—basically anything the user wants to use to document his attempts at glory or YouTube infamy. With the passage of time and advancement in technology, the demand for these cameras became more and more hi-tech. POV is considered to be the hottest commodity in countless markets. To sustain the competitive edge OEM should not only be fully aware of the needs and demands but also the desires of their target customer.
POV Camera _VVDN
VVDN can help you take POV camera to a whole new dimension by incorporating not only the standard but unique features as desired by all the adventurous folks out there. Some of the key features which can make a difference to your product are:

Low Power Operation: Understanding that it will be a very frustrating situation for the user if the battery runs out of charge in the middle of recording, battery life is a driving factor for these POV Cameras. VVDN’s design expert team can ensure your performance and reliability with their early power analysis and prediction to meet demanding power efficiency targets. We try to list out the best low power components to have a minimum heat dissipation making the system stable in very long runs.

Image Quality: Needless to say “quality of the recorded image” matters the most to our adventurists. High Definition video allows them to share their experiences in ways they had never imagined. This is affected by many factors in design from image sensor to algorithms to compression quality of results. Pioneers in video technology; our software engineers have great experience in working with 1080p video resolution. Providing impressive vibrant colors and enhanced resolution is our unique capability.

Shockproof and Crushproof: Due to the risk involved in all the adventurous sports, our capable mechanical team ensure POV camera is shockproof upto 2 metres and crushproof upto 100kg.

Waterproof: To gain an edge, VVDN can help you make camera which is waterproof to an impressive 15-18 mtrs. This could be the best bet for all the divers. We also provide Wi-Fi capability underwater upto a range of 3-5 mtrs (and can go beyond as per requirement). This means you have complete wireless access of your camera on one touch of your phone/tablet.

Geolocation: More than GPS functionality, our experienced embedded Application team can help you provide features like location finder, proximity to people, objects and POI to the end users. This would delightfully surprise them by making their “view” look the right way.

Wireless: Giving Wi-Fi capability to the camera will not only allow for the wireless transfer of images between the cameras but will also allow for the wireless control of the camera via smartphone or tablet. You can also provide a remote control that synchs wirelessly to the video camera.

Application Development: With our proficient application development team we can also help you build unique “apps” for your camera and make them synch with compatible Operating Systems (iOS, Android, Windows etc.) to operate the camera. (Learn more about our application development services at: you do not have to run after different vendors. Instead, you get all your needs satisfied under one roof-VVDN.

Faster Time To Market: Before your competitor comes and cannibalize your market share, we help you enter the market with shorter development cycles.
So what are you waiting for? Take your Point of view camera market to a higher level with the most feature-rich, multi-functional camera available to date. VVDN will make it possible and help you introduce a really interesting little concept HD Point Of View Camera solution designed to appeal to those video enthusiasts that require portability.

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