“1Fast and Furious” is a great way to describe the state of the market in Mobile App development today. The rapid pace of Mobile App development and deployment often results in leaving “Mobile Application Testing” in the dust, primarily for the following reasons:

  • Time Consuming
  • Expensive and Challenging

However, it is vital to ensure that customers have a positive experience with the Mobile App and that it functions as expected with no anomalous behavior. Testing also needs to ascertain that the app can be successfully downloaded to the target device, functions as expected on the device and correctly interacts with the supporting back-content infrastructure. When updates are tested, it will ensure that the application can be pushed out to and accepted by the end user. There is a misperception that successful testing of app functionality on one device provides assurance across all other devices on the same operating system. The whole situation has left many enterprises in a lurch.

Without a solid strategy, testing mobile devices will quickly overwhelm enterprises that are developing mobile applications. When developing a testing strategy for applications, especially for a mobile environment, the concept of continuous integration has been proven to drive quality up and costs down.

Ensuring that mobile applications work as desired across various platforms, devices, carriers and more, organizations need a Reliable, Accurate, Rapid and End-to End Testing Solution StrategyRARE.

VVDN RARE Strategy:
VVDN focuses on the following key factors to minimize testing requirements and foster a RARE testing strategy for your Mobile App:

Device Emulators – Our QA team performs testing in a well-equipped test environment using device emulators with various options like network bypassing, using live environment via modems and use of an effective scripting language. This is a cost-effective solution.

Cloud Testing Solution – In the cloud approach, our QA team keeps the task and data on the internet rather than on an individual device, providing on-demand access. This reduces complexity and companies reap the advantages of the cloud services thereby reducing costs and boosting the ROI of a mobile computing solution.

Physical Device – Real-time devices with real networks cannot be avoided. It is important as Mobile Apps will always be used on mobile devices by end users who may access the application from a remote area with fluctuating network signal strength. VVDN maintains an extensive device library in our labs. Currently, there are 70 devices in our library and we add 5 new devices per month.

Automation Tools – QA specialists at VVDN are proficient in using the following key automation tools to lessen the manual work time and improve cost savings:

Fig: Automation Tools Used by VVDN to Improve Testing Results

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