VVDN Technologies Unveil Irya- Smart NIC card for Telco Edge market with the Low-Profile Standard Form Factor using Xilinx UltraScale+

Feb 21, 2019
VVDN Technologies Unveil Irya- Smart NIC card for Telco Edge market with the Low-Profile Standard Form Factor using Xilinx UltraScale+

SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 21, 2019: VVDN Technologies, one of the leading ODMs based out of India, partnering with Xilinx, the leader in adaptive and intelligent computing, unveil a Half Height, Half Length (HHHL) Irya - Smart NIC solution at MWC 2019 using Xilinx Virtex UltraScale+ FPGAs. Irya- Smart NIC (half-height, half-length) helps accelerate functions such as virtual switching, Security and compute for dynamic workloads in the cloud-connected infrastructure. Dramatically improving (up to 10x) performance and efficiency vs. generic NICs using the software in Telco Datacenter and Communication applications. The low profile and low power Smart NIC can be ideal for Telco edge wired and wireless cloud applications such as wireless L1 (codec functionality) and L2 (PDCP, GTP etc.) offloads, security (IPSec, SSL, Flow classifications ) and custom offloads.

Xilinx and VVDN have successfully established the performance of high-end offload functions using this SmartNIC with COTS servers.

Key Features Include:

  • Form factors – Half-height and Half-length with single slot form factor. (Low profile form factor)
  • Memory- 2 x 72bit DDR4 memory running at 2400MTPS with a density up to 8 GB per channel
  • Interfaces supported - 2 X QSFP28+ and PCIe Gen3.0 X 16 host interface
  • Connectivity ports - 2 x QSFP28+
  • Languages- VHDL/Verilog, P4
  • Availability on FPGA Platforms –Xilinx Virtex Ultrascale+ VU9P and VU7P options
  • Reference Applications - OVS offload, SSL offload, Packet broker n/w analyzer.

 “VVDN is excited to work with Xilinx on next-generation Telco datacenter technologies.  With the launch of Irya, based on Xilinx technology VVDN take a significant leap forward for Telco datacenters and Telco Edge markets, which continue to be challenged to improve CPU performance” said Puneet Agarwal, President Sales. He further added, “Irya is one of the unique NIC card solutions with HHHL form factor with Xilinx Virtex UltraScale+ device. VVDN has developed a hand full of reference design on top of this, which can be used by end customers for developing the final solution. VVDN also offers customization of reference designs to suit the end customer requirements.”

“Being able to deliver a Half-height and Half-length with the single slot form factor, demonstrate a strong experience and skillset from the VVDN team. --- said Farhad Shafai, Vice President Communication s Marketing, There is a market demand for this type of low profile form factor SmartNIC for telco data center applications. 

VVDN will display Irya- SmartNIC HHHL at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 25-28, 2019 in Hall 6, Stand 6M30.


Currently, the boards are sampling. Please contact VVDN Marketing Team at marketing@vvdntech.com for further information on pricing and availability

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