Embedded Design Services

VVDN acts as a one stop solution for complete embedded product designing.

We understand the ecosystem dynamics, and have worked closely with original device manufacturers. In order to address some of the prevalent challenges like keeping pace with ever changing consumer needs, rate of advancing technology and increasing number of competitors, VVDN Embedded System practice provides solutions that follows TURNKEY SOLUTION APPROACH(VVDN Requirement to Manufacturing (VRM) approach).

Quality being the bedrock of VVDN,we ensure that our designs take care of engineering aspects as well as manufacturability, serviceability resulting in the longevity of our designs as well as cost effectiveness. In addition, we also take into account the environment in which the designs have to work, the user profiles as well as other specific requirements.Our team is well trained and experienced to deliver defect free designs, which will take care of the reliability and manufacturability aspects.

We also provide on-demand hardware development, on-demand software development, migration and integration services for embedded software, hardware and software selection consulting, testing and quality assurance services.